Alright, now I’m not revealing any pictures about what I’m wearing or what anyone else is wearing until after the wedding. I figure I want to have at least a few surprises to share with everyone. With that aside, I know I haven’t really talked much about veils.

When I first started planning I was on the road of not wanting a veil, and just let my hair speak for itself. The first time I tried on wedding dresses, everything changed. The stylist put on a veil that mirrored my dress and I was in love. And I mean c’mon, when else are you ever going to wear a veil?! It’s your big day, go all out and become a bride!

Now in the back of my mind I knew what length of a veil I would want if I did want one. Onto the diagram:

I knew I didn’t want a short little thing, and I also knew I didn’t want one that dragged on the floor. If we were doing a full-out formal, huge chapel, black tie affair, you bet your dollar I would have a long cathedral length veil. But that’s not what I went with.

Instead, the veil that was chosen was a fingertip length. There’s no decoration minus the satin rim that goes completely around. And the best part is, it matches perfectly with my dress.

Now with wearing said veil, my mind has been all over the place. I know for a fact that I do NOT want anything like this:

No veil on top of my head. Ever. I was never a fan of those bump-it’s for your hair, and I’m sorry, I don’t need anything sticking up off the top of my hair. Moving on.

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I do want my hair pulled up for the big day. I’ve found a few inspirational pictures for my hair, but that’s for another time. As for having the veil with my hair, it’s a bit tricker trying to find pictures that I like. This is somewhat how I’m thinking:

I’m not talking about how the hair is, but how the veil is placed on the head. It’s not on the crown of the head, nor is it poking out from underneath the bun at the nape of the neck. It’s placed on top of the bun, so it covers it, which you could easily take it off after the ceremony if you want to show off your style during the reception.