Okay, this whole handwriting and addressing every single invitation is already driving me slightly insane. It’s not just the fact that I had to address the response envelopes to myself, but now I have to address not only one envelope, but TWO envelopes per invite that I send out.

Yeap, we decided to do the more formal double envelope invitation. Which means more work for me!

Now if addressing were completely up to me, I would basically just slap on the name and address and call it good, but I want it to look correct and also look good. With using the double envelope, it gives me a better chance at lining things up, especially when it comes to addressing for an entire family.

The outer envelope will only hold the couple’s (if married) name and address, while the inner envelope will have each name specifically written out. Case in point:

Oh yes, and here’s another thing that pushed me into wanting the double envelope. The “& guest” part. I didn’t want to put that on the outer envelope because it just didn’t seem right to me. So now, I can have the actual guest name on the outside, and on the inside envelope have “Ms. Jane Doe and Guest” and actually feel like it’s a traditional, formal invite.