The only mention of honeymoon on here was last fall when one of my coworkers got bored at work and called reservations, only to make me a reservation at the JW Marriott for $99 a night. Well over Thanksgiving, we ended up canceling that reservation. Yes, we would have loved to go to Mexico, but the fact of the matter was that even though we got a greatly discounted room rate, flights and food would have cost us a great deal of money.

Our current thoughts for our honeymoon is pretty much anything that we could drive or possibly take a train to. I’m still hooked on going somewhere in the south, it would be easy to drive to, and well let’s face it, I want beach time, and my fiance has never been to an ocean. GASP, I know, we need to fix that.

We looked into taking an Amtrak train up to NYC, which was surprisingly not that expensive, but of course all hotels there are ridiculously expensive, even for one night. Scratch that idea from the list.

I found a quaint little area called Amelia Island, located in northeastern Florida, that I practically fell in love with. They have a ton of B&B’s, and it has that small historic town feeling.

We’ve looked into Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, and Vero Beach, but the only problem is that because they are such high tourist destinations, the hotel rates can be sky high.

We are at a road block on where we should go. There’s a ton of places out there, and we both don’t have that “OMG, I want to go there!” feeling, minus we’d both like to go to Europe, but that’s WAY out of budget right now.