My address stamp that is! When I was down visiting my parents at the beginning of December, I found that they had purchased a self-inking stamp with their address on it. Fast forward to when I received our invitations in the mail, and it struck me that I was going to be handwriting every single one of them. Eek!

In my quest to help myself out, I thought of buying mailing labels with my address, so I at least didn’t have to handwrite the mailing TO address, plus the inside envelope names, plus my own return address.

And then it dawned on me…why don’t I buy a self-inking stamp for myself. I did a simple Google search, and found a website called Simply Stamps. They had a ton of different types of stamps that someone would need, but I was interested in an address stamp.

I found a simple design that I liked, customized it for my name and address, and ordered it. Now, once I address the envelopes, I can stamp my return address on the backside of the envelopes! One less thing to handwrite, but it’ll also look nice too!