Or better known as the tux.

Okay, with all our planning, it seems like the girls attire is by far the easiest thing in the world to figure out. Me, never having bought any men’s formal clothing before in my life, I am clueless when I talk to my fiance about what he wants/should wear.

I have pulled pictures off the internet, compiled a list, and like everything else have him look at them and tell me if he likes it or hates it. At least I get his opinion about what he wants and likes, instead of him continuously saying, “I don’t care, pick whatever you like, all I want is to be married to you.” Well yea, but I’d at least like your opinion so you don’t show up in a tuxedo t-shirt…which if he does, I’ve already told him I’d replace him with George Clooney.

Moving on! Here are a few pictures of styles that he liked the best. I’m not quite sure when we are going to go out to do shopping, considering you really don’t need to do it until closer to the wedding date, but at any rate, we will probably at least go and talk to someone sooner rather than later.

He really wants to wear a bow tie. That’s all he’s talked about since we started planning. It’s pretty safe to say we’re going to be going the bow tie route, unless for some reason he doesn’t like how it looks.

As with the first picture, this one more prominently shows the black buttons on the white shirt. Surprisingly he liked how that stood out and looked.

Of course this one also had the bow tie in it, but this one also features a vest under the coat.