Before we got engaged we didn’t really discuss rings that much. Whenever we did talk about what I would like my engagement ring to look like, I had told him that I wanted something simple, classic, and clean looking. I didn’t want just one stone, but I only wanted a three stone ring. I didn’t need all that decorative tiny little diamonds all over the band, nor any huge rocks. I have tiny, skinny fingers…my engagement ring is only a 4.5 size!! I could never wear some huge rock!

Now it’s time for us to start looking at our wedding bands, and while I sorta have an idea of what I would like, I have to keep in mind that I would like it to complement my engagement ring. My fiance on the other hand, has pretty much known what style he’d like for the beginning.

Up first are some ideas of what I have in mind:

Although you can’t tell much from this picture, the setting mimic’s my engagement ring setting. It’s a prong setting, and it’s a skinny band, which I think would work with my e-ring.

The second one has the same white gold smooth plain band like my e-ring, but the diamonds in this one are set within the band. I like it, but I don’t think it’d work with my engagement ring.

Kyle’s top contenders all pretty much look exactly the same:

He likes the brushed steel effect, plus he loves the titanium metal.

He likes this one because it’s a wider band, but it’s got the exact same look like the first one.

We’re hoping to get a day off together from work, or go before or after work one day to go and look at rings in person and at least get a quote on how much our bands are going to cost us.