I’ve been debating on and off whether I should handwrite out all the invitations. I don’t know what I was thinking when I ordered all our invite goodies, but I didn’t order any extra envelopes…you know, just in case I accidentally make a mistake when writing them out. When I was writing the STDs, I made a few errors, but I had extras. This time, I only have a few.

Well, instead of worrying about making the mistakes, I’ve come up with the idea of printing the addresses on clear address labels for the outer envelopes, and then handwriting the names on the inner envelope. I figure this will both save time and errors, plus postal workers will be able to easily read the typed print.

Here are some of the pro and cons that I came up with for both options:


Pros: More personal, “etiquette” says that you should handwrite envelopes, can look quite nice if you have pretty cursive writing

Cons: Could lead to mistakes, hand cramping, lines could end up uneven, time consuming

Printing labels

Pros: Really easy to type and make sure everyone’s name and address is correct, very clear for postal workers to read

Cons: Not so personal, if printed with wrong printer/labels the ink can bleed (make sure you buy the right labels for your printer!!)