Add this to the “things I never thought about when becoming engaged and planning a wedding” list. Card boxes are a necessary thing for weddings, it’s one of those times that people will scope out because they want to put their card somewhere, and not have to carry it around all evening.

There are a ton of different ideas for card boxes, here are just a few I’ve stumbled across online:

Now here’s the follow up to all these fun card box holders…my mother is completely freaking out that someone is going to steal all the cards and money from us at the reception. I can understand the concern, and I can maybe see this happening at people’s weddings if it’s a high traffic area for other guests (like a hotel), but does it really need to be held under lock and key or someone standing there guarding it?

In planning such a joyous day, you wouldn’t think that theft should be something of concern. Sadly every year thousands and thousands of brides report having cards stolen by their own guests, guests of coinciding parties, and staff members. This is very likely to occur when your cards are exposed and easily accessible like with the bird cage, wishing well, mail box, and other similar options. – From the modern bride