It’s official, we have booked our honeymoon. It’s not your typical Hawaii, all-inclusive resort, or a cruise. We didn’t want to blow thousands of dollars on a destination where we of course would absolutely enjoy, but we would probably come back, look at our bank accounts, and shake our heads.

Well we decided to book a 7 day/6 night stay at a bed and breakfast on Amelia Island, located in Florida. I stumbled upon the place after seeing an add in The Knot’s magazine one day, and after reading the ad I came home and did some research about it online. I was in love.

Here are some pictures of the bed and breakfast itself:

The place itself is called The Addison on Amelia Island. It has only 14 rooms, each of which are decorated individually. It has won several awards for best inn and best bed and breakfast, and has consistently been ranked as the number one b&b in florida on

We decided to splurge when it came to picking our room though. Our room is located in the historic main house on the 2nd floor. It features a king sized bed, with a separate shower and a huge soaker tub, and also a private porch:

It might not be the “standard typical” resort type honeymoon, but for us, we will be able to escape for a week, spend it relaxing by going to the beach, maybe hit the spa, and visit their historic state parks. The area also has a ton of restaurants, plus horse back rides on the beach, several cruises, and we can even arrange a horse drawn carriage to take us through the historic district.

It’ll be a great week away from work and time to recoup after all the wedding planning!