Oh man, oh man. Things have been a bit crazy the past few weeks. Work has been speeding up, there is a shuffle of positions with people leaving and interviews occurring. And I just finished up my 9 day work week…thank god!

Yesterday I worked from 7am-3pm, and decided because of the talk of an “ice storm” hitting us in Cinci that I would spend the night at work. Gotta love working at a hotel! I left work, came home for a few hours, and then drove back to work and spent the night so I could work this morning at 7am. And I wasn’t the only one who stayed! I ended up sharing my room with another front desk girl, two of the front desk boys shared a room, one of our kitchen staff stayed, plus three people from sales, and our assistant GM…it was a party!

Nine days of work in a row, waking up at 5:30am every morning…it gets exhausting, add on crazy guests and being oversold and random other dealings, it puts me at ease and great relaxation knowing that I have two days off. Two glorious days off!

And what’s even better is that both the fiance and I are off on Thursday, so I’m hoping to get some wedding stuff done. Mainly going to the post office to get one of our invites weighed and to buy all the stamps, and stopping in at Men’s Warehouse to introduce him to the land of formal attire and start looking at things.

And February, where the heck did you creep up from?! 2011 is already picking up speed