The other day Kyle and I drove over to Men’s Warehouse to finally look at tuxedo’s. Now, keep in mind unlike us girls who have to pick out a dress months in advance to order, tuxedo’s are so flippin easy compared to dress shopping.

We walked in, found an associate, sat down and gave him all our information, and Kyle went ahead and told him exactly what he wanted. Two button-no satin trim-white shirt-no pleats-black shoes-bowtie-black/white vests. Done.

I swear, it was the easiest thing in the world. We got a group number that we have to give to the groomsmen and fathers to let them go and get fitted in the styles that we picked out. But here’s where I am slightly worried. They get measured the beginning of March, no biggie, but their tuxedo’s are guaranteed to be in 2 days before the wedding. TWO days. Uhh…what?! Okay, okay, maybe I’m overreacting. Kyle wasn’t planning on driving up to Michigan until two days before anyways, so he could very well pick up the tux here and then drive up. It works I guess.

Also, another thing that really made it go by fast at the store was that we didn’t want any color coordination between the bridesmaids and groomsmen. No matchy-matchy green. All of the men will be in complete black and white. The groom will be wearing a black vest, while the groomsmen will be wearing white vests. The bridal party guys will all be wearing bowties, while the fathers will be wearing ties.

Simple. Classic. And very easy. Another thing off the list!