We ordered a bunch of candles a while ago after finally figuring out where to purchase them from in the first place. See we want to have candles set up on each of the reception tables around the floral centerpieces, but we also want some decent candles that won’t just burn out half way into the reception.

I looked at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and IKEA mainly looking for non-scented candles and also at their maximum burn time. Lo and behold my mom saw that there was candles on BIG TIME sale from Pottery Barn and with them coming in packages of multiples it ended up being inexpensive. Shocking being that they were from PB!

Anyways, before purchasing the candles, my mom actually had some of the exact same and my dad did a “burn” test to see how long they actually would stand the test of time. I HIGHLY recommend doing a burn test to see how the candle burns and how long it actually holds up for. You don’t want dead candles half way through your lovely evening.