Now I’m not revealing what dress I’m actually wearing until after our wedding, but while going through the vast amount of wedding files I have on my computer and cleaning them up, I stumbled across a few pictures of dresses that I tried on that didn’t make the cut.

I figured I’d share with some of the one’s that didn’t quite make the cut. Onto the dresses!

Dress #1: Too soft and flowy for our wedding. (excuse my random arms)

Dress #2: Crazy top and too much beading

Dress #3: No, I did not try on this dress, but I kinda wish I did…just to see what the reaction on people’s faces. (props to the stealthy bridesmaids who took this photo)

In reality, I tried on a whole list of other dresses, but those pictures are on my mom’s cell phone, and she has no idea how to get them off. I did try on a mermaid (hated it because it hugged my butt too much for my liking), and I tried on a gorgeous dress that had rosette’s all over the bottom of the dress (it was beautiful and very heavy, but totally not my style). I tried on dresses made out of taffeta (hated that material), tulle and other flowy materials (too casual for our evening wedding), and satin (which is what my dress is).