This morning was my first fitting with Tony King. One word to describe him: awesome! But before I talk about the appointment, let me back track and talk about the adventure of getting there. His studio is in downtown Cincinnati, not in the best of locations, but the area is going through a revival.

The building he works out of is located directly next door to the police department. After finding the place (which the building might not look the greatest…neither did the creepy stairway or the tiny elevator), the floor opened up to his huge studio workspace. Gowns were everywhere, he had books, pictures, music playing…it was an amazing space!

I slipped into my gown, put my shoes on, and walked out in front of the mirror for him to look at what he’d be working with. He absolutely loved my dress, loved the satin material and color. AND, the best thing about it, is that he honestly does not need to do much.

All that he pinned was the back of my dress (the dress fell a bit away from my back), the front hem, and also the bustle. That is it!

He pinned everything and I just walked around and around. He commented saying that I looked quite comfortable in the dress, which I definitely did. Nothing made me want to pull it up or wiggle around in it. It felt very comfortable.

I know his reviews are a bit all over the place, but I honestly loved him and can’t wait till the beginning of April when I have my second appointment.