Okay, I have to admit, when I scheduled my first alterations appointment I was pretty much clueless. I knew I had to bring my shoes and undergarments, but what else would I have to do. Answer: pretty much stand there, no moving, while the guy worked his magic pinning and looking on and on.

When it got to the bustle though, I just let him do his thing. He knew how to make the dress look its best, and considering it has a pretty decent size train, plus it’s satin (so it’s a lot of weight), he knew what kind of bustle to do that fit the dress.

Did you know that there are two styles of bustles? I think I knew that in the back of my head somewhere…I mean I’ve seen dresses that looked different when bustled, but never knew they had actual official names!

I give you the American and French bustle!!

First up is the American bustle. The American is also known as the overbustle, and it brings the train up at a single point. This works best with delicate fabrics.

American bustle

Second is the French bustle. The French bustle is also known as the underbustle, and it typically consists of at least 3-5 points. This works better with heavier and longer gowns.

French bustle

So if you read the little descriptions for both, you guessed it, my dress will be fitted with the French style! And when I was walking around the studio it looked amazing. Although you have to get over the fact that it can add some “umpf” to your back end area…it does look amazing!