Upon arriving at my lovely hosts house last Wednesday, I knew I wanted to get one thing completed as soon as possible. The invitations. I have been housing them in our china cabinet since before Christmas and have been aching to get them done and sent out.

My MOH and I spread out the invites on the table and went to work on putting the address labels on them, stamping them and then stamping the return address on the back. We had to take a short break to run up to the store and buy some glue sticks so we wouldn’t kill our tongues sealing them shut.

And they are DONE! Better yet, I got them in the mail last Friday – and people started receiving them the day after!!

Now comes the part of hoping people will mail in their RSVPs so I don’t have to hunt people down…which I have a feeling we’ll be doing anyways. Ugh.

Guests Invited: 233
Yes: 0
No: 0

Let’s see how this goes…