Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not showing any pictures of how my trials went. BUT, they went amazingly well! I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED how my hair turned out, and my makeup was natural and easy.

God bless my hairdresser. She is going on vacation the entire last week of May, and is coming in on her day off to do my hair for the wedding!! Her husband isn’t all thrilled about it, but she agreed to it when I got engaged last year. She has been doing my hair since high school and of course I couldn’t dream of having anyone else do my hair!

In regards to the makeup, I absolutely love the fact that they will be coming to the hotel to do it. Saves us the hassle of driving around and wasting more time outside the hotel. Also, I highly HIGHLY recommend doing air-brush foundation! It was the first time I ever had it done, and it feels like there is nothing on your skin. It looks amazing, and you don’t feel like you’re going to sweat off makeup. I’ve heard great things about using it, and even my mom was blown away by how good it looked.