I don’t know about you, but I remember how much I hated writing out thank you notes when I was younger. Now, the occasional one or two doesn’t bother me, but writing 20+ of them, yea it can get a little daunting. I knew before the bridal shower that I would have to write a bunch out, and for the first time it didn’t bother me one bit.

Here are some tips that worked well for me:

1) At the bridal shower make sure one of your bridesmaids (or someone) writes down every single thing you get and who gave the gift.

2) When you get home either go through the list, or what I did was make a spreadsheet on my computer of the person’s name, the gift given, and the date I sent out the thank you.

3) Don’t rush through writing them, take your time. Write out a few each night and try to make them each personal. Don’t fall into the trap of just taking a generic form and filling in the blanks. Trust me, the recipient will enjoy reading it that much more.

4) Even though you don’t want to rush through them, try and get them out in a timely matter. The bridal shower was a week ago yesterday, and I am sending out my final thank you’s tomorrow. Granted three of them that I am sending out are gifts we received in the mail last week after the shower – so I think I did a pretty good job and getting them out in a timely matter.