Here are one of those small details that I need to decide on – what color do I want my nails to be. I’m one of those girls who would rather have color instead of a french manicure or fake tips. Just give me a nice manicure and pedicure and give me some color and I’ll be good.

I’m trading in my bright blues, reds, and purples, for something from OPI’s bridal collection. My mom ended up picking out four different shades and they were mailed up to me. Here are the shades that we went with (remember colors can look a bit funky on computers, and some of them look a bit different in their bottles):

From left to right we have: Bare to be Different, Dear Diary, A True Romantic, and I Need Space.

I’m planning on painting my toes and fingernails two of the colors and then switch them out after a week or so, so that I can see what they look like in person versus what’s on the computer and what it looks like in the bottle.