This morning I had my second alterations appointment with the fabulous Tony King. I swear, the man is a miracle worker. I put my gorgeous dress on and paraded out of the dressing room to the front of the mirror…biggest grin on my face. Even Tony noticed. Once again he commented on how happy I looked and how comfortable I looked in it.

It’s true. If I could wear a ball gown around town every day, I would.

The noticeable things that he did was he raised the hem on the front of the dress, so that I won’t trip over it when walking. Also, he brought the back of my dress into my back. My back has a curve, all those twelve years of dancing…so what he did was bring the top of the zipper part closer to my skin, so that it’s not gapping away from my body.

He wasn’t able to get the bustle done in time for this fitting, so we’ve made another appointment to go back in three weeks from today to see the bustle done and the final product! After that, I’ll pick it up the first week of May and store it at my “Cincinnati Mom’s” house until I drive up the week before the wedding!