You may recall my first attempt at our little out of towner newsletter that I was going to put in every goodie bag that guests would receive at the hotel. Well, I decided that I didn’t really care for all that open space…one page having a huge picture of us, and another with just a thank you note…so I did a bit of revising and this is the new newsletter I came up with:

This one is completely different from the first one, because I decided to make it a trifold letter instead of just looking like a bare booklet. The front page, which is the column to the far right, still shows our picture, and has the mini thank you note below it. The other two pages has directions to both the ceremony and reception, with our contact numbers, and then gives the dates, times, and addresses to all the important events.

The reverse side shows a wider selection of the attractions, shopping areas, and I also listed a variety of different restaurants in the area while notating a few of the local favorites. Brand new to this newsletter is that I created an email address for our guests to email us pictures of the weekend. I put in a little blurb about it and included the email.

All we have left to do in regards to the out of town bags, is actually buy the bags and put the goodies in them, and print out our welcome letters!