I realized that I never talked about the card box we ended up purchasing for our wedding reception. In the beginning I could have cared less what the card box looked like, I mean it’s sole purpose is to sit on a table to have people put cards into it. I figured I could go to Michaels or any other craft store and pick up the all too familiar card box or birdcage that hundreds of bride’s always use.

Enter my mom. Heck no we will not be using any sort of box that is easy for anyone to basically pick up and walk off with, or anything that someone could open the top and take things out of.

After some searching on the internet, and introducing my mom to the wonders of Etsy, we found someone who makes card boxes. We emailed her, and after much discussion on what we wanted it to look like and what our wedding colors were, she created our card box and it was shipped to my Grandmother’s house back in Michigan.

I don’t have an actual picture of what ours looks like exactly, but it’s something along these lines (different colored ribbon):

It’ll match perfectly with the rest of our decor and colors!