I finally started working on this project as of last night. And by starting, I mean going online and purchasing 35 bags. Want to see the awesomeness?

Oh yea, bringing out the Detroit love by giving all of our out of town guests bags to flaunt their trip to the D. I know Detroit has it’s issues, but so does every big city. It’s pulling itself out of the ashes, and the love, culture, architecture, history, and people just make it an awesome place to visit, and I plan to showcase the glory of Detroit and Michigan within these bags.

Now what goes into the bags is a whole other story – of which I’m still trying to figure out. I have a list of things that I can easily put into the bags, but I’d love to put some Michigan novelties into the bag (think Sanders fudge or oscar meyer weinermobile whistles).

Hopefully those 35 bags will be starting it’s trek to Michigan within the next week! I’ll be throwing the bags together the week of the wedding!