We are closing in till the big day, and I’ve begun dreaming about the small details. Seriously. The other night I had a dream about all the things that I have to pack to take up to Michigan with me. I woke up and realized that I cannot pull a one night packing deal, because there are so many random little things that I need/want to make sure I take up with me.

I also remembered, while laying in bed watching Iron Chef, that we still needed to pick out two more flavors for our cake. There are too many delicious flavors of cake to even choose from, and I am seriously debating if I should Google search “most popular cake flavors” to help me figure out which ones to pick.

Then, the other day at work I was talking with one of my coworkers who handles all the social events, and she was going over a contract for a bride and she was telling me that she needed to make sure all her vendor agreements were in order….!!!!!….I big time hit a wall and ran over to my desk and called up my coordinator and asked her if I had agreements (which I could vaguely remember) and if I had turned them in. Did I? Nope. So she decided to help me out (c’mon, I used to be her intern for heaven’s sake). She told me she would get in touch with my DJ and photo booth people, and I would get in touch with the florist, bakery, and photographer.

Less than 20 days and it’s now the big crunch time of figuring out all these details…