Oh man was I not looking forward to doing this part of the wedding planning. We pretty much have a full grasp on how many people will be coming to the wedding, we’re still waiting to hear back from about 5 people, but at this point in time we’re looking at about 173-175 people that will coming to celebrate with us!!

And were are all those people going to sit? Who knows…but I’m working on it as we speak. I’ve started grouping people together that I definitely know will be sitting with each other: friends, cousins, aunts and uncles. But when it comes to people that I haven’t seen in years, or my fiance’s family, or the random neighbors, those types of groupings are going to be interesting putting together.

Our tables will seat 8 people, and I’ve actually been able to make “full tables” of eight, but there are a few groupings that are only 6 or 7 people…so I have to figure out who I can move to another table and who will be the odd people out. Ugh.