I know…I’m a horrible blogger. No substantial posts in over a week, and unfortunately you probably won’t get any out of me until after the wedding.

Things at work have been crazy busy, and I’m trying to finalize up all my groups and events from now through the first week of June before I leave. My poor contacts who are going to receive my out of office reply next week hopefully go bonkers on me…hey I have a pretty good reason on why I’m not at work now, so don’t be mad at me!

Anyways, I’ve been crazy swamped with not only work, but all my vendors have decided to finally start calling me to finalize up details and such. Problem is, is that they keep calling me during my work hours…doesn’t much help when I try and call them back after work and their office is closed. Thank you to the powers of email!!!

I cannot wait to get out of here and head up to Michigan. It’ll be so very nice to just focus on wrapping up the wedding and not have to deal with work.