Last Thursday night we had our ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We left the hotel to head to the church and it was pouring down rain. We all get to the church, and considering half the people had never been there, and the church only had one door unlocked, it was a lot of running around to get everyone finally inside.

The rehearsal was run by two older women, as well as my amazing aunt who took over as my day of coordinator. The church ladies were completely clueless in what was going on, and I think we all left there more confused on what we were doing, then we were when we arrived.

After we went through lining up, walking down the aisle, standing there while paying no attention, and then walking up the aisle, we packed up and headed over to the restaurant.

We held our rehearsal dinner at my favorite local restaurant, Buddy’s Pizza! We ordered salads and pizzas, ate and drank, and had a wonderful time!