After we finished getting our hair done at the salon, we piled back into our separate cars and drove back to the hotel. Our makeup artist was due to arrive around 11am, so we turned on the tv around started watching The Price is Right until we heard a knock on the door.

Our makeup girl arrived and immediately got to work on one of my mom’s closest friends first, followed by my mom, then one of my bridesmaids, and then finally me. They like to put the bride in the middle of everyone for whatever reason.

I hopped up to sit on the table and she got to work following the instructions she had written down from my trial back in March.

After the rest of the girls got finished with their makeup, we all decided that we wanted some shimmer on ourselves, so we all stripped down our tops, and were dusted with shimmer.

Now that we were all prettied up, the girls went back down to their room to get changed, and I hopped back into my trusty chair to watch more tv and waited until our photographer showed up.