After we all finished getting ready, we headed down to the lobby so I could greet my parents before heading over to the church. Our photographer took some pictures of us, and then we headed out to the limo and drove over.

I honestly think that was the longest drive over to the church. I would practically make that exact same drive every single day when I used to work at the hotel to go back home, and my mind was all over the place. Before I knew, I looked out the window and we were a block away and it hit me that this was it.

I climbed out of the limo and headed over to the small bridal holding room. And yes, it was a holding room. I hated being in there by myself. I felt like I wanted to either start jumping around, throw open the door, start dancing, yelling…anything to get other people in there so I wasn’t alone.

They finally let me out and we lined up at the back door. The doors opened, my uncle started playing the trumpet along with our organist, and everyone stood. I started walking down the aisle, and then I felt my dad’s arm pull me back…I was walking just a tad too fast. Oops.

I started catching friends and family’s eyes, and then I caught Kyle’s eye and the tears started. I just became so overwhelmed with seeing everyone and seeing him at the end of the aisle and I was just so happy.

We finally got up to the the alter, and my dad, just like he said at the rehearsal, repeated the following words to my soon to be husband. “If you ever hurt her, I will hunt you down like the dog that you are.” Of course there were smiles all around…there’s never a dull moment with my dad!

Now don’t ask me what happened during the ceremony, because this is seriously all I kept thinking:

“Oh man is this bouquet heavy…okay, must sit down…chair, good…okay must move abundance of dress out of way so I don’t get my shoe caught in it when I stand up. Damn heavy flowers. Oh there’s my cousin reading, and there’s the other one reading…seriously, how am I supposed to hold this bouquet and not crush the flowers on my dress. STAND!”

Before I knew it we were reciting our vows, which I didn’t stumble on, and our rings went on perfectly fine! We were announced and kissed, and walked up the aisle together as man and wife.

We doubled back around so we could sign our three marriage licenses, and I swore to everyone that our entire ceremony took no longer than 30 seconds. Apparently it was more like 35 minutes, but it felt like it was over before I knew it.

Once we got our formal pictures done, we took some bridal party pictures out on the front steps of the church. There is nothing like standing there, waving at all the cars, and them honking their horns and yelling well wishes out the window!