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I’ll let the pictures do the talking on how the rest of our day went…


My mom went and dropped off our green ribbon to our cake people the other day. The ribbon we picked is around the same shade as our bridesmaids dresses, so it’s on the darker side. The cake people told us that whenever ribbon is applied to the cake, it will make it appear darker.

So basically the green could end up appearing as black.

Lesson learned. We are going to buy another lighter shade of green and swap it out.

Tuesday as we were driving around getting our appointments done, we stopped at Elite Sweets in Livonia to look at cakes. Fifteen minutes later we were eating two different cake flavors and then we put down a deposit to hold our date. We technically don’t need to decide on flavors, design, or anything else till 2 weeks before the wedding.

So far, all we have decided upon is that the cake will be three tiers and then have a sheet cake that will be in the back. With that set-up, we are able to do three different cake flavors.

We did decide upon one flavor, our chocolate choice, White Alpine. It’s a chocolate chiffon cake, split and filled with a creamy white chocolate mousse.

I know we aren’t going to see any bakeries till next month when we head up to Michigan, but I can’t stop looking at cakes. Now going with our green/white color scheme, I definitely want those two colors to play into the cake. Also, I just want something clean and simple. I don’t need a five layer cake with those pillars holding up the layers, and having more cake than people can eat.

Here’s a couple of cakes that I pulled from the internet that I so far like:

I like this one because of the springiness to it. Would definitely work out for a May wedding.

I don’t much care for the flowers in between every layer, but I like the overall effect with the white cake with green ribbon. Maybe just have the flowers just at the top or the bottom.

Sorta like the second cake, only much more plain. I like the flowers on top, but the cake itself seems like it’s missing something.

Okay, out of all of them, this is my favorite. It has the best of everything that I like. Plain and simple, green and white, a bit of flowers, and the nice thing about it, those simple pin dots add a little something extra to the cake.

Through research I discovered a hidden thing that seemed to be a ‘doh moment for myself. You see people at weddings with gigantic cakes, or you see people with little tiny cakes with vast amounts of guests. Easy way to save money? Get a small two tiered cake and then order a couple of sheet cakes that are left in back. You have your cake for pictures and cutting, but you have the rest waiting to be cut and served.