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I’ll let the pictures do the talking on how the rest of our day went…


My dress is completely done! I was able to pick it up the other day and I started to blush like crazy. It looked absolutely amazing being all clean, pressed, and ironed.

Major props to Tony King and his amazing work!

The dress is now being stored at a family friend’s house here in Cincinnati, and next week I’ll be driving it up to Michigan!!

Now I’m not revealing what dress I’m actually wearing until after our wedding, but while going through the vast amount of wedding files I have on my computer and cleaning them up, I stumbled across a few pictures of dresses that I tried on that didn’t make the cut.

I figured I’d share with some of the one’s that didn’t quite make the cut. Onto the dresses!

Dress #1: Too soft and flowy for our wedding. (excuse my random arms)

Dress #2: Crazy top and too much beading

Dress #3: No, I did not try on this dress, but I kinda wish I did…just to see what the reaction on people’s faces. (props to the stealthy bridesmaids who took this photo)

In reality, I tried on a whole list of other dresses, but those pictures are on my mom’s cell phone, and she has no idea how to get them off. I did try on a mermaid (hated it because it hugged my butt too much for my liking), and I tried on a gorgeous dress that had rosette’s all over the bottom of the dress (it was beautiful and very heavy, but totally not my style). I tried on dresses made out of taffeta (hated that material), tulle and other flowy materials (too casual for our evening wedding), and satin (which is what my dress is).

I just got a call saying my wedding dress is in!! I wasn’t expecting it until January, so HAPPY!!!

My wedding veil came in yesterday to the salon! I’m having them hold it till my dress comes in next January. Even my mom knew that if I were to take it home, I’d probably walk around my apartment wearing the thing while doing chores. She couldn’t be anymore right.

I’m not going into any details what it looks like. You’re just going to have to wait.

Yesterday I made a phone call to a Mr. Tony King located in downtown Cincinnati to inquire about him doing alterations for my dress. After doing research to quite a few people and talking with my mom about it, she said I should go with him.

Now, his reviews were a bit all over the place. A lot of people loved him, some people hated the way he was blunt in what he said to them, but overall his work was spot-on. I won’t be needing to physically change anything about my dress, just take in the bust and waist and then add a bustle.

He took my name and number, told me I was number #13 on the list for the month of May (I don’t know how many people per month he takes, but I made it on!), and said that I should gather my undergarments and shoes. Once my dress comes in, I’ll make my first appointment, and I told him that the wedding was out of state, and he said he’d even have the dress done a full week and a half before the date!

Once I hung up, we called the bridal salon and ordered my dress!!

Apparently the bridal salon where I found my dress does not do in-house alterations. It didn’t bother me when they handed over a list of people who they recommend to their brides for alterations. My mother on the other hand, is having some serious problems with it, and it’s beginning to wear off on me.

If I have to go to someone else for alterations, that means I have to cart around my dress every which way, I have to have it at my apartment all the time, I have to research in finding someone who I trust can do a fantastic over-the-moon great job.

I don’t know if I should:
1) Buy the dress from the original salon (they are giving me a wonderful discount), and then just trust in them and find someone to do the alterations in Cincinnati
2) Buy the dress from the original salon and take it to Michigan to have the alterations done (which I’d have to find someone up there that I trust
3) Buy the dress from a different salon that does have in-house alterations (but that would mean probably forfeiting my discount, and also the discount for the girls dresses)

I’ve been drama free so far in my wedding planning, and now I’ve hit a snag. What to do.

This past weekend I had two of my bridesmaids and also my parents make the trip down to Kentucky to go on the dress hunt. Saturday morning all of us girls traveled downtown to head over to Fabulous Bridal for our 10am appointment.

Now, a few weeks ago my mom and I went there, just the two of us, to do a little scouting out for my own dress, so we decided to start with the bridesmaids dresses. I pretty much went through the dresses with the girls, and told them the color I had in mine, but told them to pick out the styles that they wanted to try on. We pulled a handful of dresses and it was off to the dressing rooms.

We narrowed it down to a style fairly quickly, with it being a full length dress, in a rich jewel tone green that will look on any skin type. The dress style itself is strapless, and the way it falls over the body, I don’t think anyone will have to worry about the dress being too tight around the waist or stomach area.

After finishing up with the girls, we headed down one floor for me to try on wedding dresses. I had the consultant pull a couple of the dresses I had in mind, even the dress I loved from before. Well, after trying on a few more, I kept wanting to go back to the first one. That dress has popped up in my dreams and I just haven’t been able to pull it out of my head. Standing there in front of the mirror, with my mom and two girls, they all pretty much knew what I was thinking…

I made my decision. I found my dress, AND, it was the very first dress I ever tried on. I cannot wait!!

I found my dress!

details will come later

I know it’s been a while since I’ve last updated, but truthfully there isn’t much for me to report right now. I got the major things taken care of, and I’m hoping to be heading back to Michigan next weekend to get some much needed appointments with vendors up there.


Yesterday my mom dropped by in Kentucky for a small visit. She was in Milwaukee yesterday morning and caught the noon flight to Kentucky, and she wanted to go dress shopping, just the two of us. I was hoping to wait till August when my bridesmaids could come up, but knowing that my mom has helped me pick out every dress I’ve ever worn to every occasion, I knew it would be nice just being the two of us.

Drove over to Fabulous Bridal and tried on eight dresses. The first one I loved, and out of the bunch, if I HAD to pick a dress right now, that would be the one. My consultant said that they were getting another collection by the designer I know I will wear no matter what, but I found out that the dresses won’t be arriving till November. That is REALLY pressing it for time, but they said if I found one they could rush order it for me, and waive the fee for doing so.

Back to Michigan…

I’m planning on visiting with two or three florists (depending on if one is going to be in town that weekend), possibly a salon to look at bridesmaids dresses (although if all three of my bridesmaids come in that weekend in August I might see if we can do it right then and there).

A little less than 10 months to go!