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Upon arriving at my lovely hosts house last Wednesday, I knew I wanted to get one thing completed as soon as possible. The invitations. I have been housing them in our china cabinet since before Christmas and have been aching to get them done and sent out.

My MOH and I spread out the invites on the table and went to work on putting the address labels on them, stamping them and then stamping the return address on the back. We had to take a short break to run up to the store and buy some glue sticks so we wouldn’t kill our tongues sealing them shut.

And they are DONE! Better yet, I got them in the mail last Friday – and people started receiving them the day after!!

Now comes the part of hoping people will mail in their RSVPs so I don’t have to hunt people down…which I have a feeling we’ll be doing anyways. Ugh.

Guests Invited: 233
Yes: 0
No: 0

Let’s see how this goes…


One thing I picked up from reading wedding websites was such a nifty idea that I knew I had to use…basically so I wouldn’t pull out my hair when rsvp’s came back my way.

The brilliant idea was that you write the number on the backside of the actual rsvp (I wrote mine in the bottom left-hand corner). That number corresponds to the line number in my excel spreadsheet that has every guest invited.

The idea helps out in case a guest sends back an rsvp and forgot to put their names in, or if you can’t read their handwriting. If that happens all I have to do is look on the back, see the number, and look at my spreadsheet.

You know what that means, we finally bought our stamps!! We went out to the post office this afternoon and took one of our invitations to get weighed. The worker was asking lots of questions about what was in our invite (mainly the cardboard like holder that held all the info) and whether or not it would bend a little when being handled.

After setting that sucker on the scale and finding out that it would cost a whopping $0.61 per invite (which I honestly was thinking it would have been more), she went in back to pull out our stamp options. Which was one.

And it matches perfectly!

We got the wedding cake stamps!

I mean I was all for getting the random stamps, just as long we got stamps and I could finally start the next process, but getting only ONE stamp per invite, and something that matches was definitely a plus!

I’ve been debating on and off whether I should handwrite out all the invitations. I don’t know what I was thinking when I ordered all our invite goodies, but I didn’t order any extra envelopes…you know, just in case I accidentally make a mistake when writing them out. When I was writing the STDs, I made a few errors, but I had extras. This time, I only have a few.

Well, instead of worrying about making the mistakes, I’ve come up with the idea of printing the addresses on clear address labels for the outer envelopes, and then handwriting the names on the inner envelope. I figure this will both save time and errors, plus postal workers will be able to easily read the typed print.

Here are some of the pro and cons that I came up with for both options:


Pros: More personal, “etiquette” says that you should handwrite envelopes, can look quite nice if you have pretty cursive writing

Cons: Could lead to mistakes, hand cramping, lines could end up uneven, time consuming

Printing labels

Pros: Really easy to type and make sure everyone’s name and address is correct, very clear for postal workers to read

Cons: Not so personal, if printed with wrong printer/labels the ink can bleed (make sure you buy the right labels for your printer!!)

My address stamp that is! When I was down visiting my parents at the beginning of December, I found that they had purchased a self-inking stamp with their address on it. Fast forward to when I received our invitations in the mail, and it struck me that I was going to be handwriting every single one of them. Eek!

In my quest to help myself out, I thought of buying mailing labels with my address, so I at least didn’t have to handwrite the mailing TO address, plus the inside envelope names, plus my own return address.

And then it dawned on me…why don’t I buy a self-inking stamp for myself. I did a simple Google search, and found a website called Simply Stamps. They had a ton of different types of stamps that someone would need, but I was interested in an address stamp.

I found a simple design that I liked, customized it for my name and address, and ordered it. Now, once I address the envelopes, I can stamp my return address on the backside of the envelopes! One less thing to handwrite, but it’ll also look nice too!

You’ve seen the envelopes with the inside liners to give it a little more embellishment, and well I’m not going to show you the rest of the boring envelopes, because they’re just plain cream. Instead I’ll show you what the rest of the components of our invitations look like all together.

From left to right we have:

1) Holder for all the invitation goodies
2) The actual invitation
3) RSVP response envelope (addressed and stamped for easiness for our guests)
4) Guest information card (includes reception and hotel accommodation information)
5) RSVP card (to be filled out and sent back to us)

And the greatest part is, is that I have already assembled all the pieces to create our 125 invitations! Liners are glued in, RSVP envelopes are addressed and stamped, and all pieces are at home with their holder.

All that’s left to do is address the inner and outer envelope and stamp them, and they’ll be sent out at the end of next month!

Oh I know, exciting right?!

When we were looking at invitations online, I of course wanted to look at all the fun little add-ons that can definitely be ruled out as “those look cool, could definitely add something, but do I really want to spend the money on it?”

That’s what I thought of when we looked at envelope liners. Well we went with it, and thanks to my iPhoto and horrible lighting you can see what they look like:

First off, here is the outer envelope and the envelope liner:

Secondly, we have the plain ole’ envelope, which isn’t horrible, it does its purpose of holding the invitation:

Lastly, we have the liner assembled inside the envelope:

You have to admit, it definitely does brighten up a plain cream envelope, and wait to you see it pop against our invitation!

Okay, this whole handwriting and addressing every single invitation is already driving me slightly insane. It’s not just the fact that I had to address the response envelopes to myself, but now I have to address not only one envelope, but TWO envelopes per invite that I send out.

Yeap, we decided to do the more formal double envelope invitation. Which means more work for me!

Now if addressing were completely up to me, I would basically just slap on the name and address and call it good, but I want it to look correct and also look good. With using the double envelope, it gives me a better chance at lining things up, especially when it comes to addressing for an entire family.

The outer envelope will only hold the couple’s (if married) name and address, while the inner envelope will have each name specifically written out. Case in point:

Oh yes, and here’s another thing that pushed me into wanting the double envelope. The “& guest” part. I didn’t want to put that on the outer envelope because it just didn’t seem right to me. So now, I can have the actual guest name on the outside, and on the inside envelope have “Ms. Jane Doe and Guest” and actually feel like it’s a traditional, formal invite.

Considering we are slow during work, we have all been working 3-4 days per week (great for me to use up the last of my PTO!) But at any rate, instead of being a bum for four days straight, I thought I could put my lazy lounge time to good use and start addressing envelopes.

I figured I would start off easy, so I’m mainly focusing around doing the RSVP envelopes. I mean seriously, all I really need to do is write my name and address a good 125 times and viola! One piece of the intricate invitation ensemble complete!

And boy am I moving along. Last night I addressed almost all 125 (I stopped short with 12 left to do, because I might not need them) – but I’ll have to go back through and put stamps on all of them. When I make the trek out to the post office, I’m going to take a thoroughly put together invitation and see what the weight is and if I’ll need any additional postage.

I honestly think at this point I’m going to have to purchase around 250 stamps!! Insanity!

As you might have read, earlier this week we received our invitations in the mail. They turned out fantastic, and they were exactly what we wanted and perfect for what we paid for. Here are some screen shots of the proofs I was sent:


rsvp card

The vendor we chose for our save the dates and invitations was MagnetStreet. It’s an online business which specializes in giving you the customer a chance to personalize pretty much everything.

In the early stages of looking up designs in what we wanted, a lot of websites and designers didn’t have exactly what we were looking for. Sure, we could have seen if they could have changed or added things to their design, but alterations usually mean more dollar signs. MagnetStreet gives you a ton of different designs and you are able to change the wording, fonts, colors, etc to fit to exactly what you want.¬†Even if you decide to add in specific specifications, a designer will email you a proof, and you can work directly with them until you approve the final design.

The company is continuously giving out great discounts, and they are very prompt in sending out your order. I would definitely recommend MagnetStreet for anyone to use for their wedding, baby showers, graduation, christmas cards, calendars, etc. They have a wide range of products and everything is very easy to use.

Two thumbs way up!