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Our photo booth is officially paid off!!

I’m loving getting things taken care of and it’s just one more thing that I don’t need to think about anymore.


Made the call over to ShutterBooth and finally booked our photo booth for our reception. It seems that every company that I call to get information and tell them our reception is at Lovett Hall, they all respond saying they absolutely LOVE that venue and think it’s one of the most beautiful places that they get a chance to be at.

Anyways, we decided to go with the Memories Experience package, specifically for the memories book, that will also serve as our guest book. I’m quite excited about having the photo booth, but I know my fiance is doubly excited to have one there  – it’s the one splurge that I wanted to do especially for him.

Now if I could only get our true photographer booked…

As of right now I’m leaning heavily towards using ShutterBooth to supply us with a photo booth. To be honest, I didn’t do much in the way of researching, but I stumbled upon two companies that other people mentioned later to me (the other being Rock the Booth).

A representative from the Detroit based office sent me an email back with the layout of different packages and the prices. All of the packages have been reduced by $200! I’m currently debating between one of their pre-made packages, or using their base package and adding on things.

Both of the packages include:
– up to 4 hours of service
– unlimited photos (color, black&white, sepia or guest choice)
– full time host
– high resolution images dvd
– photo gallery hosted on ShutterYou

Now the Classic Experience package ONLY includes the above items.
The Memories Experience package includes everything mentioned above, and also adding:
– memory book (serves as a guest book)
– prop box
– external digital monitor

The Classic Experience is $700, versus the Memories Experience at $795. I definitely want a memory book, because both the fiance and I think it’s a fun idea than your basic boring “write in a book” guest book.

Now ShutterBooth also has special add ons. For myself, I’m not in a desperation to have the prop box or external monitor, but both of those can be added to any package for no additional cost. For an additional $50 you can have a customized logo to be placed at the bottom of your photo strips, which is something I’m debating to get. Also, as a step up from your basic memory book, you can go all out and get the ShutterBooth Scrapbook for $165, which uses stickers, colored pages, and can be done to match your wedding colors.

There are various different types of packages available, ranging from 4-6 hours of use, plus more add-ons that are available. But for what we are budgeting for and for what we want, without going overboard, one of the two above mentioned packages works out perfectly well for us.

I feel like I haven’t been able to do much in planning our wedding because things have been revolving around selling the house and moving. I’ve wanted to get the photographer and DJ researched and booked soon just because I know how fast things get booked up well in advance. (Note: I haven’t booked anything yet…oops?)

Photographer: GAUPERphoto. One of my friends used them for their wedding last year and absolutely loved them. I checked out their website when their proofs came in and just absolutely loved their style and the way the photos just popped. They have professionalism to them, but are fun and creative, and you won’t see the same thing over and over again.

DJ Services: Mike Staff Productions. It seems like they are the people to have and probably the most well known throughout the Detroit area. I know of at least a few couples who used them for their wedding and loved how the contract and their DJ that they picked. The company sits you down and lets you watch the profiles of the DJ’s that are picked out depending on what you’re looking for. One of the things that I love is that in case your DJ has some kind of emergency, the company sends out a back up one no matter what.

Photo booth: Shutterbooth. Ever since my uncle had a photo booth at one of his birthday celebrations, I’ve loved the idea in capturing people’s crazy personalities in a unique way. I did some searching and came across two different photo booth companies, both of which offer some great package pricing. One of the things that I definitely want is the option for a scrapbook. For each strip of photos that comes out for the guests, a duplicate one comes out that the worker takes and puts it into a scrapbook, thus becoming your little guestbook!