Tomorrow I am packing up my car and driving up to Michigan. When I return back to Kentucky I will be a married woman.

Where the hell did the time go?!?!!

I decided to take the entire week of the wedding off from work so I can focus solely on getting everything finished up. I still have to do all the escort cards, which I’m hoping to crank out this weekend, pull together all the out of town gift bags, and make sure the ceremony programs and table numbers are printed and ready to go.

I’ll see you all after the wedding!!

I know…I’m a horrible blogger. No substantial posts in over a week, and unfortunately you probably won’t get any out of me until after the wedding.

Things at work have been crazy busy, and I’m trying to finalize up all my groups and events from now through the first week of June before I leave. My poor contacts who are going to receive my out of office reply next week hopefully go bonkers on me…hey I have a pretty good reason on why I’m not at work now, so don’t be mad at me!

Anyways, I’ve been crazy swamped with not only work, but all my vendors have decided to finally start calling me to finalize up details and such. Problem is, is that they keep calling me during my work hours…doesn’t much help when I try and call them back after work and their office is closed. Thank you to the powers of email!!!

I cannot wait to get out of here and head up to Michigan. It’ll be so very nice to just focus on wrapping up the wedding and not have to deal with work.

I cannot believe that this is my last week of work. Friday will be my last work day as a single woman. On Saturday I will be on my way to Michigan to finalize up everything for the wedding.

I have five days of work left! I cannot believe that when I moved down here last June I had 11 months for planning our wedding…that has flown by so ridiculously fast.

This week I can only imagine is going to fly by, because I have to wrap up all my events from now through the beginning of June. I don’t even want to know how much work I will have (not to mention the amount of emails) when I return…but I don’t want to think about it right now!!

Oh man was I not looking forward to doing this part of the wedding planning. We pretty much have a full grasp on how many people will be coming to the wedding, we’re still waiting to hear back from about 5 people, but at this point in time we’re looking at about 173-175 people that will coming to celebrate with us!!

And were are all those people going to sit? Who knows…but I’m working on it as we speak. I’ve started grouping people together that I definitely know will be sitting with each other: friends, cousins, aunts and uncles. But when it comes to people that I haven’t seen in years, or my fiance’s family, or the random neighbors, those types of groupings are going to be interesting putting together.

Our tables will seat 8 people, and I’ve actually been able to make “full tables” of eight, but there are a few groupings that are only 6 or 7 people…so I have to figure out who I can move to another table and who will be the odd people out. Ugh.

My dress is completely done! I was able to pick it up the other day and I started to blush like crazy. It looked absolutely amazing being all clean, pressed, and ironed.

Major props to Tony King and his amazing work!

The dress is now being stored at a family friend’s house here in Cincinnati, and next week I’ll be driving it up to Michigan!!

I’ve stumbled upon various emergency kits for your wedding day, and I thought I’d do one big huge run down.

A tiny mirror…small and portable so you can peek at your look.
A handkerchief…for tears, of course.
Bobby pins and a travel-sized bottle of hairspray…to keep that hairstyle in tact.
A small comb…to smooth back flyaways.
Chapstick…it lasts and won’t get on your teeth.
Band-aids…clear ones, for the inevitable blisters.
A Tide-to-go-Pen…for unforeseen spills.
Blotting papers…for shine-free photos.
Dental floss…also necessary for those photos.
An emory board…to smooth out rough parts on nails that snag delicate dresses.
Krazy Glue…for shoe heels, clothing jewels or other adornments that come off.
Extra pantyhose…in case of a run.
Clear nail polish…in case there’s no time to change stockings.
White chalk…to cover up marks on your gown.
Topstick toupee tape…the best double-sided tape there is. (hahaha!)
Extra earring backs…hopefully, you’re wearing screw-ins, but just in case you’re not.
A mini sewing kit…tiny scissors for loose threads, a needle and thread for mending and extra buttons because someone will lose one.
Safety pins…a quick fix for rips.
Travel-size perfume…to keep that great scent all day long.
Mints…think of all those people you need to talk to.
Eye drops…happy tears make for red eyes.
Asprin…for that annoying headache.
Straws…so you stay hydrated without smearing your lipstick!
Flipflops…to give those feet some rest from those heels.

I keep wanting to make one, but I don’t know if I’m going to have the time to put one all together. But I’ll definitely try!

I should really not care what Weather.com tells me. First off, we are getting married in Michigan – land of high 70 degrees one day, 30 degree snow the next. Secondly, it’s been raining here nonstop for who knows how many days. Granted, I only know what the actual weather has been here in Kentucky…rain, rain, and more rain.

But one of the most important reasons that I should stay clear of the website is their high and almighty “10 day forecast.” How many times do we yell at the weatherman because what they said and predicted was going to happen, never does.

Of course in a perfect world I wouldn’t want it to rain, but I have no control over mother nature. And supposedly rain on a wedding day is meant to be good luck

We are closing in till the big day, and I’ve begun dreaming about the small details. Seriously. The other night I had a dream about all the things that I have to pack to take up to Michigan with me. I woke up and realized that I cannot pull a one night packing deal, because there are so many random little things that I need/want to make sure I take up with me.

I also remembered, while laying in bed watching Iron Chef, that we still needed to pick out two more flavors for our cake. There are too many delicious flavors of cake to even choose from, and I am seriously debating if I should Google search “most popular cake flavors” to help me figure out which ones to pick.

Then, the other day at work I was talking with one of my coworkers who handles all the social events, and she was going over a contract for a bride and she was telling me that she needed to make sure all her vendor agreements were in order….!!!!!….I big time hit a wall and ran over to my desk and called up my coordinator and asked her if I had agreements (which I could vaguely remember) and if I had turned them in. Did I? Nope. So she decided to help me out (c’mon, I used to be her intern for heaven’s sake). She told me she would get in touch with my DJ and photo booth people, and I would get in touch with the florist, bakery, and photographer.

Less than 20 days and it’s now the big crunch time of figuring out all these details…

Today is our cut-off date on when our guests were supposed to send in their rsvp’s.
Key words: supposed to.

Well let’s see where the numbers stand:

Invited: 239
Yes: 164
No: 15
Still Waiting: 60

Let the hounding begin…