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My dress is completely done! I was able to pick it up the other day and I started to blush like crazy. It looked absolutely amazing being all clean, pressed, and ironed.

Major props to Tony King and his amazing work!

The dress is now being stored at a family friend’s house here in Cincinnati, and next week I’ll be driving it up to Michigan!!


This afternoon was my third and final alterations appointment with the talented Tony King. I slipped on the dress and waltzed out to the big mirror…queue the smile on my face. Still loving the dress!

So the main point of having this appointment was to see how the bustle all worked out. He had me hold onto one part of the dress while he tied up three different parts of the back, and voila, the bustle was done!

On Monday Tony is taking my dress in to be completely cleaned, steamed, and ironed. It will then be wrapped in plastic and I’ll be picking it up the first week of May!! The dress will be staying at my “cincinnati mom’s” new house. They just moved into a ridiculous 6 bedroom house that needs a ton of fixing up, but basically my dress will have its own bedroom.

Little more than a month to go!

This morning I had my second alterations appointment with the fabulous Tony King. I swear, the man is a miracle worker. I put my gorgeous dress on and paraded out of the dressing room to the front of the mirror…biggest grin on my face. Even Tony noticed. Once again he commented on how happy I looked and how comfortable I looked in it.

It’s true. If I could wear a ball gown around town every day, I would.

The noticeable things that he did was he raised the hem on the front of the dress, so that I won’t trip over it when walking. Also, he brought the back of my dress into my back. My back has a curve, all those twelve years of dancing…so what he did was bring the top of the zipper part closer to my skin, so that it’s not gapping away from my body.

He wasn’t able to get the bustle done in time for this fitting, so we’ve made another appointment to go back in three weeks from today to see the bustle done and the final product! After that, I’ll pick it up the first week of May and store it at my “Cincinnati Mom’s” house until I drive up the week before the wedding!

Okay, I have to admit, when I scheduled my first alterations appointment I was pretty much clueless. I knew I had to bring my shoes and undergarments, but what else would I have to do. Answer: pretty much stand there, no moving, while the guy worked his magic pinning and looking on and on.

When it got to the bustle though, I just let him do his thing. He knew how to make the dress look its best, and considering it has a pretty decent size train, plus it’s satin (so it’s a lot of weight), he knew what kind of bustle to do that fit the dress.

Did you know that there are two styles of bustles? I think I knew that in the back of my head somewhere…I mean I’ve seen dresses that looked different when bustled, but never knew they had actual official names!

I give you the American and French bustle!!

First up is the American bustle. The American is also known as the overbustle, and it brings the train up at a single point. This works best with delicate fabrics.

American bustle

Second is the French bustle. The French bustle is also known as the underbustle, and it typically consists of at least 3-5 points. This works better with heavier and longer gowns.

French bustle

So if you read the little descriptions for both, you guessed it, my dress will be fitted with the French style! And when I was walking around the studio it looked amazing. Although you have to get over the fact that it can add some “umpf” to your back end area…it does look amazing!

This morning was my first fitting with Tony King. One word to describe him: awesome! But before I talk about the appointment, let me back track and talk about the adventure of getting there. His studio is in downtown Cincinnati, not in the best of locations, but the area is going through a revival.

The building he works out of is located directly next door to the police department. After finding the place (which the building might not look the greatest…neither did the creepy stairway or the tiny elevator), the floor opened up to his huge studio workspace. Gowns were everywhere, he had books, pictures, music playing…it was an amazing space!

I slipped into my gown, put my shoes on, and walked out in front of the mirror for him to look at what he’d be working with. He absolutely loved my dress, loved the satin material and color. AND, the best thing about it, is that he honestly does not need to do much.

All that he pinned was the back of my dress (the dress fell a bit away from my back), the front hem, and also the bustle. That is it!

He pinned everything and I just walked around and around. He commented saying that I looked quite comfortable in the dress, which I definitely did. Nothing made me want to pull it up or wiggle around in it. It felt very comfortable.

I know his reviews are a bit all over the place, but I honestly loved him and can’t wait till the beginning of April when I have my second appointment.

I called my alterations guy, Tony King, this morning to talk with him about when I should come in for my first appointment. What would have taken all of 3 minutes to pick a date/time, turned into an 11 minute conversation about girls who he’s worked with that get married out of state. The guy is absolutely hilarious to talk to, and I’m eager to meet him in person…especially after hearing the reviews about him.

My first alterations appointment is February 26! Seems like it’s still far away, but it’s just a little over 2 months, and then I’ll only have 3 months after that until the big day!!

When we went and picked up my dress and veil, I tried them on to show them off to my pseudo-mom down here in Cincinnati (a good family friend of ours, and who is also holding my dress at her house in between alterations). The dress fit absolutely perfectly! I literally canNOT gain any weight between now and the wedding. I seriously think all Tony will have to do is take it in a little at the bust, do the hem, and a bustle, and call it good!

I told my mom about it, and she asked me if I was worried about it fitting THAT good. I admit that I’m a tad bit worried, but I think it was more so that it felt when the lady was pulling together the back inside bra, it made the material dig onto my boney hip bones. I’m hoping Tony can figure something out in case it bothers me at the first appointment.

BUT! In any case, I have my dress and my veil, and it’s becoming more and more a reality.

Yesterday I made a phone call to a Mr. Tony King located in downtown Cincinnati to inquire about him doing alterations for my dress. After doing research to quite a few people and talking with my mom about it, she said I should go with him.

Now, his reviews were a bit all over the place. A lot of people loved him, some people hated the way he was blunt in what he said to them, but overall his work was spot-on. I won’t be needing to physically change anything about my dress, just take in the bust and waist and then add a bustle.

He took my name and number, told me I was number #13 on the list for the month of May (I don’t know how many people per month he takes, but I made it on!), and said that I should gather my undergarments and shoes. Once my dress comes in, I’ll make my first appointment, and I told him that the wedding was out of state, and he said he’d even have the dress done a full week and a half before the date!

Once I hung up, we called the bridal salon and ordered my dress!!