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Alrighty! So last week I had my bridal shower that was hosted by my amazing godmother at her sister’s house with her mother. Got all that? Godmother, godmother’s sister, and godmother’s mother. The awesome amazing team!

Now the theme of the shower was kitchen and spice. They had purchased different spices and used those as favors for people to take home, and they also purchased 3 larger versions for cooking items to use as the three winners of the game we played. In addition, when my godmother sent out the invites, she had asked that every person either bring with them or send her a recipe. Those recipes made it into a recipe box which now resides on our kitchen counter with a TON of family recipes that we both grew up loving.

A TON of people showed up, which was amazing, but at one point I sat there looking all across the room and told one of my friends that it was weird that I had family, friends, fiance’s family, and family friends all together. These are people that have hardly, if ever, met before, and that normally I meet these four groups on four separate occasions, yet here they all were, together.

There were a ton of gifts to open, and while I won’t bore you on what we got, I will tell you one of my favorite presents.

When I opened the card to the gift my uncle had filled it out. It had read something along the lines of them finding it in the closet when they were going through my grandmother’s belongings after she passed away last October.

I started tearing up, and opened up the gift. It was absolutely beautiful.

She had gotten us a gorgeous Waterford crystal bowl. It is breathtaking in person, and it now resides inside our china cabinet.

And of course, here’s my awesome rehearsal bouquet that one of my bridesmaids made – she did an absolute fantastic job with it!

Oh and yea, that person in the background making crazy hands – yea, that’s my godmother. She’s cool like that.

Oh, and for the record, I only broke one ribbon. For those of you who know the tradition (I totally did not) for every ribbon you break, it represents a child you will have.