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I’m off to Michigan for a weekend with my three girls!

See you Sunday!


I realized that I never got around to actually talking about the dress that we chose for the bridesmaids. Well I don’t really have actual pictures of the exact dress yet, but I do have two pictures from when we all went to the salon.

First off, the designer we ended up going with was Jasmine Bridal, specifically the B2 Collection. The girls ended up all deciding upon a strapless dress, that will end up being floor length. The decision ultimately came down to the fact that we’re getting married inside a church, and it’s during the evening. Both of those factors pushed it more towards formal than informal, thus going with a floor length over a shorter dress.

Now, here’s a picture of the dress (not color) of what we decided on:

What’s great about the dress is that it’s got the pleating towards the front center, which means no one has to worry about if they have a “gut” sticking out. It flows great, and it’s one of those designs that’s simple and classic.

Considering green is one of our main colors, the dress color for the girls is technically called “pure jade.” It’s a rich jewel tone color, which means it looks good on any skin tone. Jewel tones are always the way to go!!

Here’s a swatch that I cropped from one of the other dresses:

Hard part when looking at bridesmaids dresses/colors online, NOTHING ever looks like it does on your computer monitor. Go out and look in person!

This past weekend I had two of my bridesmaids and also my parents make the trip down to Kentucky to go on the dress hunt. Saturday morning all of us girls traveled downtown to head over to Fabulous Bridal for our 10am appointment.

Now, a few weeks ago my mom and I went there, just the two of us, to do a little scouting out for my own dress, so we decided to start with the bridesmaids dresses. I pretty much went through the dresses with the girls, and told them the color I had in mine, but told them to pick out the styles that they wanted to try on. We pulled a handful of dresses and it was off to the dressing rooms.

We narrowed it down to a style fairly quickly, with it being a full length dress, in a rich jewel tone green that will look on any skin type. The dress style itself is strapless, and the way it falls over the body, I don’t think anyone will have to worry about the dress being too tight around the waist or stomach area.

After finishing up with the girls, we headed down one floor for me to try on wedding dresses. I had the consultant pull a couple of the dresses I had in mind, even the dress I loved from before. Well, after trying on a few more, I kept wanting to go back to the first one. That dress has popped up in my dreams and I just haven’t been able to pull it out of my head. Standing there in front of the mirror, with my mom and two girls, they all pretty much knew what I was thinking…

I made my decision. I found my dress, AND, it was the very first dress I ever tried on. I cannot wait!!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve last updated, but truthfully there isn’t much for me to report right now. I got the major things taken care of, and I’m hoping to be heading back to Michigan next weekend to get some much needed appointments with vendors up there.


Yesterday my mom dropped by in Kentucky for a small visit. She was in Milwaukee yesterday morning and caught the noon flight to Kentucky, and she wanted to go dress shopping, just the two of us. I was hoping to wait till August when my bridesmaids could come up, but knowing that my mom has helped me pick out every dress I’ve ever worn to every occasion, I knew it would be nice just being the two of us.

Drove over to Fabulous Bridal and tried on eight dresses. The first one I loved, and out of the bunch, if I HAD to pick a dress right now, that would be the one. My consultant said that they were getting another collection by the designer I know I will wear no matter what, but I found out that the dresses won’t be arriving till November. That is REALLY pressing it for time, but they said if I found one they could rush order it for me, and waive the fee for doing so.

Back to Michigan…

I’m planning on visiting with two or three florists (depending on if one is going to be in town that weekend), possibly a salon to look at bridesmaids dresses (although if all three of my bridesmaids come in that weekend in August I might see if we can do it right then and there).

A little less than 10 months to go!

The dreaded ugly bridesmaid dress. This topic can be easy for some, and difficult for others. Either the girls won’t mind what they wear, or will wonder what on earth their friend picked out for them to wear. I am going the traditional route on things and having my girls wear the same color and same design. I like having the uniform look for pictures and such. I did dance around the idea of picking out just the color, and then the girls could pick out whatever style they liked, but considering the dresses are going to be green, the color itself caused problems.

There are so many different shades of green, and one website’s “clover green” can be a completely different shade of “clover green” to a different website. Cue the headache.

I knew I didn’t want the sea foam pale green, nor did I want the dark (sometimes) sickly green looking color. I was aiming for a spring green, a true grass spring green color. Ha, well the adventure trying to even find the color I had in mind is growing to be a daunting task. I’ve found a few websites I’ve liked what I’ve seen, but then there’s the fact that you have to see it IN person because only viewing it online can give off the wrong hue.

My first search led me to a website called Jenny Yoo. I absolutely loved what I saw on her website, especially her Eastern Silk Shantung Collection. I stumbled upon her version of the green I sorta had in mind…

Both dresses had the type of green I was aiming for. One more spring-y, the other more dramatic. The problem with Yoo’s collection, was the price for the dresses and also the locations where the dresses were available.

I have three bridesmaid’s (which includes my maid of honor). One lives in Michigan, one lives in Chicago, and the third lives in Florida. Not only do I need to find a dress that I want all three to like, but I also want to find a place that they are able to go and see in person themselves.

My next search led me to the famous David’s Bridal website. I looked at their choices for green dresses, and none of them jumped out at me. The shades weren’t what I was looking for, but I still might go to a store and try to see them in person, just to give them a chance.

My third try led me to a collection called After Six, part of the Dessy Group. They have numerous styles and color options that I found myself going back again and again. I found a few dresses, deemed as “clover” color that I sorta liked…

But then I stumbled across this one, and it has now become my front runner on what I definitely like…

The color is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and I love the simple style and length of the dress. I’ve been tossing around having tea length or full length dresses for our spring wedding, but I’ve fallen in love with the length of these. I’ve sent it out to my girls and so far the response has been a resounding YES!