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When I first starting planning our wedding, of course I thought of all the BIG things; reception venue, church, the dress. Well that doesn’t cover all the other things that go into planning a wedding. And you know what, there are a ton of things that you don’t think about until you face them, and you look at your wallet and frown.

It was kinda ironic that I ran across an article on yahoo the other day about hidden costs involved when dealing with a wedding, but you know what, they were right. So here are their top hidden costs:

1) Alterations – I honestly had no idea how much my alterations were going to cost. When I researched my guy some of the brides were saying they were paying $300+ on their alterations. Yikes! Well when I walked in there for my first appointment I only had to cough up $90, but I still have a $100 balance to pay off when I go into my next appointment on Saturday.

2) Undergarments – This wasn’t as much as a money crunch for me as others I guess. I only purchased a new bra at Victoria Secrets, and I’m still clueless on what kind of underwear I’m going to wear…definitely something comfortable that won’t give me a headache when dancing around.

3) Accessories – Minus my veil (which was on the expensive side) I have no other plans on wearing any jewelry. My mom might be letting me wear one of her simple necklaces, but other than that, I will be wearing no earrings, or bracelets, and I’m still up in the air on whether I’ll wear my engagement ring on my right hand or if I’ll have someone hold it for me until I slip it on after the ceremony.

4) Ceremony Doodads – Well we aren’t using a unity candle, so no worries on that cost. Pretty much only needing to pay for flowers and, well, the actual church, officiant, and music director. I can see if you’re having a heavy religious ceremony where the expenses can start adding up.

5) Hair and Makeup Trials – Having just gone through this not too long ago, I can vouch saying that this is definitely an expense, but at the same time…DO IT! Do not skip doing these trials because you want to save some money, it helps you figure out what you want, what you don’t like, and if you even like the people doing your hair/makeup.

6) Postage – Ugh, yes. Stamps are expensive, and especially if you have a ton of invites to send out, plus stamps for your rsvp’s and if you’re doing save the dates…it adds up fast. Also, when we were deciding on our invitations, look to see if what you pick will cost extra. Square invites will cost more because of their abnormal envelope shape, also the heavier the paper the higher the cost.

7) Bridal Party Gifts – I know some brides who will shell out barely anything for their girls because they believe that their bridesmaids should be grateful for even being asked in the first place. Wrong. Your girls are taking time out of their schedule to help you out and be there for everything, they are spending their money on flying/driving around, on dresses, and other things. Acknowledge their hard work and come up with something special.


Our photo booth is officially paid off!!

I’m loving getting things taken care of and it’s just one more thing that I don’t need to think about anymore.

It’s official! I got the DJ for our wedding paid off!!

The great thing about Mike Staff Productions is that you are able to go onto their website and pay as you please. With that in mind, I’ve been trying to go on at least a few times each month and just put a little bit at a time to lower the balance down.

One thing taken care of and now I can start putting money into another aspect of our wedding!

In previous posts I talked about how the fiance and I really wanted GauperPhoto to be our photographer, and well, we still do in a way. But the past week communication with them hasn’t been the best (they are in the midst of moving across the country), but also because they are waiting to hear back from another couple that says they want them, but have yet to put down a deposit.

If the other couple finally come back and put down a deposit, for the same weekend we are getting married, then we are out a photographer. I’ve already begun my search for others.

I’ve stumbled upon a few that I like; to name a few: Jessica Johnston, Heather Saunders, and Jen Lynne. They vary in prices between $3550 – 4500. (Gauper, much to our surprise instead of being $2900 as it said on the website, actually starts at $4100…which honestly I don’t know if we have that in our budget).

Out of the few I just mentioned, I’ve found myself constantly being pulled back to Heather Saunders website. I love the fun twist on her modern pictures, and although they aren’t as funky and fun in Gauper’s way of things, she still has her own style and way of seeing things through a lens.

In my mind this is the last major thing that I really need to lock in soon, and hopefully things work themselves out.

The wedding planning has officially begun and it’s almost beginning to somewhat stress me out. Sure, I’ve already bought three bridal magazines and have thrown myself into the wonders of theknot’s website. All the little details and amazing things that you can have and do is already making me excited about all the possibilities that are out there. But the main factor right now…oh yea, how are we going to pay for everything.

The Budget. Now I guess I’ve never really put two and two together when it comes to planning and paying for an event. Yes, I know the rough cost for a facility fee and how much a wedding dress can cost. Yes, I know that fresh flowers and very expensive, and that feeding people can be quite expensive depending on your menu. But the problem is I’ve never added up all those separate costs together to get the BIG PICTURE.

I still am in the dark on what our budget is and how much help we are going to be receiving from our respective parents, but before we can go ahead and lock in a date with a venue, we really need to figure out the finances.

Can’t we just use rocks and leaves as a barter system, instead of paying with money? After all money is just paper, and well I have a lot of old homework sitting in the back of my closet.