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After we all finished getting ready, we headed down to the lobby so I could greet my parents before heading over to the church. Our photographer took some pictures of us, and then we headed out to the limo and drove over.

I honestly think that was the longest drive over to the church. I would practically make that exact same drive every single day when I used to work at the hotel to go back home, and my mind was all over the place. Before I knew, I looked out the window and we were a block away and it hit me that this was it.

I climbed out of the limo and headed over to the small bridal holding room. And yes, it was a holding room. I hated being in there by myself. I felt like I wanted to either start jumping around, throw open the door, start dancing, yelling…anything to get other people in there so I wasn’t alone.

They finally let me out and we lined up at the back door. The doors opened, my uncle started playing the trumpet along with our organist, and everyone stood. I started walking down the aisle, and then I felt my dad’s arm pull me back…I was walking just a tad too fast. Oops.

I started catching friends and family’s eyes, and then I caught Kyle’s eye and the tears started. I just became so overwhelmed with seeing everyone and seeing him at the end of the aisle and I was just so happy.

We finally got up to the the alter, and my dad, just like he said at the rehearsal, repeated the following words to my soon to be husband. “If you ever hurt her, I will hunt you down like the dog that you are.” Of course there were smiles all around…there’s never a dull moment with my dad!

Now don’t ask me what happened during the ceremony, because this is seriously all I kept thinking:

“Oh man is this bouquet heavy…okay, must sit down…chair, good…okay must move abundance of dress out of way so I don’t get my shoe caught in it when I stand up. Damn heavy flowers. Oh there’s my cousin reading, and there’s the other one reading…seriously, how am I supposed to hold this bouquet and not crush the flowers on my dress. STAND!”

Before I knew it we were reciting our vows, which I didn’t stumble on, and our rings went on perfectly fine! We were announced and kissed, and walked up the aisle together as man and wife.

We doubled back around so we could sign our three marriage licenses, and I swore to everyone that our entire ceremony took no longer than 30 seconds. Apparently it was more like 35 minutes, but it felt like it was over before I knew it.

Once we got our formal pictures done, we took some bridal party pictures out on the front steps of the church. There is nothing like standing there, waving at all the cars, and them honking their horns and yelling well wishes out the window!


Last Friday the number one thing that I wanted to get done was to get our marriage license. I armed myself with both certified copies of our birth certificates and my filled out marriage license application. My maid of honor and I drove out to one of the Wayne county clerk satellite offices and pulled a number to wait.

While waiting there was a groom to be who got called up before me…he was picking up his marriage license. Oh snap…I thought that they could mail me my license. If I had wanted to pick it up day of, the only place that I knew I had to go was to the main downtown Detroit office. Shit.

My number got called and I walked up to the desk and handed my items over. Slowly I started to explain our “out of state situation” and wanted to know how we were supposed to receive our license if I couldn’t stay up in Michigan till the following business day.

Thank the lucky stars, not only did the woman help me out, and was an absolute angel, she also knew my dad when he was still working up in Michigan!! The world continuously gets smaller…

So here’s how the marriage license shindig application process works…

She took my application, birth certificates, and out of state drivers license and made three copies of each. I ended up paying an addition $5 to waive the waiting day period, and was able to receive our license right then and there. All I had to do was fill out an additional piece of paper (the actual waiver). We sat back down while the clerk typed up the forms, I had to look at everything typed up, raise my right hand and swear that everything was correct, and then they hammered a gold seal on one copy, and gave me two plain copies as well.

Then I was told with a stern voice the rules of the marriage license. The copy with the gold seal is the “keepsake” copy, the other two have to be brought or mailed in, in order for us to receive our certified copies of our license…the “keepsake” copy is not valid, it’s just a souvenir.

All three copies MUST be filled out in black pen, and I have to sign my name with the name I will have after the wedding.

Now, considering I have to be back to work after Memorial Day, and seeing how it would take 2-3 weeks to receive our certified copies, they told me that I could have someone I trusted bring the signed copies in, with the money for the certified copies, and then I could have them right then and there.

Done deal! Once I receive those valid copies, I will have to start the process of changing my name!

In addition to heading up to Michigan next week for our girls weekend, I’m taking an extra day off from work to head to the county clerk’s office to obtain our marriage license!

In the county we are getting married in back in Michigan, we cannot get our license more than 33 days before the wedding. If you do – it expires. Definitely don’t want that happening. Also, there is a 3 day waiting period from applying for the license, to when you receive it/are able to use it.

I plan on going to the clerk’s office first thing in the morning, so I don’t have to deal with lines. All I need to remember to bring is our filled out application, both our certified birth certificates, my out of state drivers license and cash to pay for the license.

I’m hoping I can get the license this month, so I don’t have to worry about picking it up the week of the wedding and then something going wrong and we are really short on time.

Last Thursday we met with the florist to go over every single detail. We sat down and first detailed out the delivery times (church, hotel, reception) and went through the flower choices for everyone (I still cannot recall what I want in my bouquet, and I can guess that when the day comes I won’t even know what’s in it. But as long as it’s pretty, I don’t care!) We decided to add on two small arrangements for the church, and also two small arrangements for the reception (for the escort card table) and also a cake topper that will be made out of fresh flowers.

Later that evening I met with the music director who will be taking care of all the music during our ceremony at the church. It was amazing being inside the church with only a portion of the lights on, and hearing the organ and piano just echo in the silence. We picked out the processional and recessional music, as well as filler music that will be played throughout the ceremony, when people are being seated, and also after the ceremony has concluded.

Bonus add-on: my uncle plays the trumpet and offered his services during the ceremony, which of course we jumped at the chance for him to play. The music selection for my walk down the aisle will even be more powerful with a trumpet being played. I cannot wait!!

Part of getting married in the Catholic church is that you have to go through prep classes. Our first one we have already completed, which wasn’t so much a class, but was more of going through a questionnaire with a family counselor.

The next part is that we actually have to partake in a marriage prep class. Normally these are done in a retreat fashion where you either go for a full day, weekend, or multiple night classes depending on what works best with your schedule.

Considering we are not in Michigan it’s a bit tough attempting to get to these classes…but, thank god for technology!!!

There is a AOD (archdiocese of Detroit) marriage prep class online that we are able to do, and it will give us our certificate to show that we have completed it. We are able to do it all in one sitting, or we can break it up between topics. Now we just have to figure out when we want to start them and get them completed!

I feel like the big things are finally coming together!!

Like I said in my previous post, we have our date secured. Friday, May 27, 2011. Yes, I know it’s on a Friday (which we are saving some big bucks reception wise for having it on an off-day), and yes I know it’s on Memorial Day Weekend. The latter, well we both wanted it in May, and that date was pretty much the only thing open, so we took it. I’m hoping to get the save the dates out soon, just so people realize that it is a holiday weekend and can make plans if they decide to attend.

Okay, so for the ceremony we are having it at Sacred Heart Church, where I went to middle school. Now there was a lot of debating between having it there or outside, but I’m happy we decided to go with the church. We get to pick exactly what we want said and how it’s going to flow, AND because we are in Michigan, the weather is always messed up, so in case if it does rain (knock on wood it doesn’t), we’ll be safe inside and I won’t hate having to move our garden ceremony into some not so pretty back up space.

The reception will be taking place over at The Henry Ford in the Lovett Hall Ballroom. Now I pretty much always have wanted to have my reception there (or at Disney, but that’s just a tad to expensive) ever since I saw it when I was a kid. So to put down a deposit on the venue this morning, the dream is becoming real. Another great thing is that I interned with the Group and Event Sales office there and all the wedding planners remember me, so it’s fantastic to get even more insight from them because they know me past “just another bride.” I’m their intern who grew up and is getting married.

I’m engaged. There is a ring on my finger. I still get all giddy over looking at it and sharing the story of how it all happened.

This blog is going to take a turn and become a place to gather up my thoughts and wedding day planning. We have talked about certain elements of the big day, but honestly it’s so far away I’m not even thinking specifics on anything at this point.

The main things as of right now:

1. The Ceremony Site – We are looking into Sacred Heart Church, my home parish. I am Catholic, the fiance isn’t, but he said he doesn’t mind the idea of getting married in a church. We do not want a mass and I don’t want every other word out of the pastor something about the Catholic faith. I definitely don’t want to push this into an awkward religious event amongst families.

2. The Reception Site – I have never thought of anywhere else minus Lovett Hall over at The Henry Ford. That place is like my second home and I always knew one day I’d probably end up getting married there if Disney never worked out, haha! We have a site visit next Monday so the fiance can see the space in person.

3. The Date – Well I guess this should have probably been the first main one, but anyways. We both really want a spring wedding, so we are looking into May 2011. I really hope we can square away the date/church/venue within next week, because then I think I’ll have something to figure out when I should get everything else done.

4. Wedding Colors -Since we are doing a spring wedding and we both like a certain color, we decided upon doing a clean and fresh spring look of greens and whites, with a dash of orange. When I mentioned having a third accent color in there and asked if he liked orange or purple, he looked at me and said “you realize you just picked Irish colors” (the fiance is Irish), so it worked!

So this is what I gathered during the first round of looking and researching. I’m sure things will change throughout, but just a general idea for now.