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We ordered a bunch of candles a while ago after finally figuring out where to purchase them from in the first place. See we want to have candles set up on each of the reception tables around the floral centerpieces, but we also want some decent candles that won’t just burn out half way into the reception.

I looked at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and IKEA mainly looking for non-scented candles and also at their maximum burn time. Lo and behold my mom saw that there was candles on BIG TIME sale from Pottery Barn and with them coming in packages of multiples it ended up being inexpensive. Shocking being that they were from PB!

Anyways, before purchasing the candles, my mom actually had some of the exact same and my dad did a “burn” test to see how long they actually would stand the test of time. I HIGHLY recommend doing a burn test to see how the candle burns and how long it actually holds up for. You don’t want dead candles half way through your lovely evening.


Table numbers have become a pain in my planning. You would think something so easy and sometimes free of charge would be the easiest thing in the world. If I didn’t care so much on how they looked, it would have been over and done with months ago. Our reception venue does have table numbers and stands that are complementary, but they aren’t the prettiest things in the world. Take a look:

After seeing them the first time I knew I wanted something a little more elegant and something that would be more cohesive with our decor. I attempted my own table numbers earlier, but I was having a rough time changing the sizes, and Pages wasn’t working with me.

I finally talked with my brother about seeing if he could come up with something. Lo and behold, I swear my brother is amazing with anything that involves computer programs, he came up with something plain and simple, but looks ten times better than the ones above.

He made me 25 numbers, plus a plain base. I think they look great and it’s a great touch that I can say my brother made them for our wedding.

Now I just need to find frames to hold the numbers, I’ve come across these from IKEA several times.

They are plain white, and it allows you to have two pictures back-to-back, which I think would be helpful for guests and staff to find the table from anywhere.

Or maybe something a bit more elegant like this other frame from IKEA:


Beware: Long update, full of pictures!

Our mini trip to Michigan seemed to fly by literally in a blink of an eye. For the most part I think we spent more time driving around, than actually being in one place. But besides racking up the miles, and not getting much sleep, it was quite a successful trip.

Our first meeting was over at The Henry Ford to go over table decor. We walked in and saw how the table would be set up, we’re not going to bust the budget and use higher quality china or add chargers…things that sure, I’d love to use, but the money is needed in other more important things.

PS. Sorry if the pictures aren’t the best quality, I took them with my phone.

Basic plates, flatware, and glassware. Add seven more to those to the table, and the table is going to start getting crowded. Obviously we’re not going with the hurricanes and candle (they are complimentary) as our centerpieces. Also, seeing their table numbers now, I’m definitely liking the ones I made.

Next up: chairs. Now we’re not breaking budget to add the “pretty” chairs, we’re just going to add fabric and call it good. With that, there are two options for us to use.

Exhibit A

bustled look

Exhibit B

fitted look with sash

At first glance, I liked the bustled look, because it was all one color. The fiance wanted to go with the fitted look, which I now like as the front runner, because it looks a bit more cleaner and simpler. The problem: what color to do the sash. The fiance wanted to go with this sage green color, and I started getting worried that we were going to start having clashes of different color of greens all over the place. Also, Donna sent me a couple pictures of other people’s reception set-ups and I wasn’t too fond of how the color pops out.

At the moment of finishing up the meeting I was still on the fence about the whole green sash look. (Note: the above green color is NOT the green that the fiance wanted.) As we were walking out of the meeting room, there was a picture of a couple standing in front of the above pillars with their tables behind them. Everything was white. THAT was what I wanted. No green sashes.

To me, the white and no added bright color, it flows with the ballroom. Now if our colors were more bright, than I’d say sure let’s go with something loud. But this isn’t the case.

And also, as an added bonus, this is what we picked out to be our tablecloths on the table. The subtle texture brings out so much more than having plain linens.

I’ve been messing around with my computer in trying to see if I could create my own table numbers. I wanted to see if I was able to make them in a way they’d be cohesive with the apple blossom invitations that we’ve decided on.

Several Google-ing images of “apple blossoms” later, I finally found a picture with the perfect shade of green and the layout that I was hoping for.

After then fooling around in Pages (I’m a Mac user), I was able to create a layout template that was simple and went along with our green/white theme. I ended up making 24 additional copies and now have 25 table numbers, even though at this point (if everyone from our guest list comes), we’d only need 20 tables.

Now, I made them, according to the rulers in Pages, 5×7″ a perfect size to put into a small table frame. I’m thinking of printing them onto creme card stock paper, and then placing them into frames. I know the frames will add an additional cost, but I’ve seen inexpensive ones at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Ikea.

Of course, after I created them, I found out that The Henry Ford has complimentary table numbers that I would be able to use.

Free table numbers vs. Homemade ones?

Well, we are heading up to Michigan in just a few days..YAY!! Our first appointment is on Monday at The Henry Ford with Donna, our wedding reception specialist, to go over table decor and random other questions that we both have.

Now, with a ton of my friends getting married recently and seeing their reception photos on Facebook, I’ve imagined everything from huge and glamorous, to simple and elegant. With where our reception is taking place, and the fact that we are using crisp, clean colors, it’s turning into a formal event. And because of that, I’m beginning to change my mind from wanting colored linens, to just wanting crisp white tables and chairs, and let the green centerpieces and candle accents do the talking.

All white just screams simple and elegant. Yes, it doesn’t have any color whatsoever, but it makes a statement on its own. Just think, the bride wears all white.