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It’s official! I got the DJ for our wedding paid off!!

The great thing about Mike Staff Productions is that you are able to go onto their website and pay as you please. With that in mind, I’ve been trying to go on at least a few times each month and just put a little bit at a time to lower the balance down.

One thing taken care of and now I can start putting money into another aspect of our wedding!


Another thing to cross off the list: our DJ is booked!

This morning Mike Staff Productions contacted me back and we went ahead and booked Mike Dembs to be our wedding DJ. I went ahead and put the deposit down and Erik, the representative I’ve been in contact with, is currently drawing up the papers to email them to me.

A little background on Mike…he has over 15 years of DJ experience and can be heard on the radio every Saturday morning back in Detroit. From different reviews that I’ve read online, I’ve found that his musical knowledge is fantastic and is outgoing and professional.

Another thing down…a million more to go!

I feel like I haven’t been able to do much in planning our wedding because things have been revolving around selling the house and moving. I’ve wanted to get the photographer and DJ researched and booked soon just because I know how fast things get booked up well in advance. (Note: I haven’t booked anything yet…oops?)

Photographer: GAUPERphoto. One of my friends used them for their wedding last year and absolutely loved them. I checked out their website when their proofs came in and just absolutely loved their style and the way the photos just popped. They have professionalism to them, but are fun and creative, and you won’t see the same thing over and over again.

DJ Services: Mike Staff Productions. It seems like they are the people to have and probably the most well known throughout the Detroit area. I know of at least a few couples who used them for their wedding and loved how the contract and their DJ that they picked. The company sits you down and lets you watch the profiles of the DJ’s that are picked out depending on what you’re looking for. One of the things that I love is that in case your DJ has some kind of emergency, the company sends out a back up one no matter what.

Photo booth: Shutterbooth. Ever since my uncle had a photo booth at one of his birthday celebrations, I’ve loved the idea in capturing people’s crazy personalities in a unique way. I did some searching and came across two different photo booth companies, both of which offer some great package pricing. One of the things that I definitely want is the option for a scrapbook. For each strip of photos that comes out for the guests, a duplicate one comes out that the worker takes and puts it into a scrapbook, thus becoming your little guestbook!