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Thanks to the Civil War Remembrance weekend at Greenfield Village the weekend after our wedding, we can no longer rent a Model T to go into the Village after our ceremony for pictures. Why you may ask?

Well the Village closes at 5pm – our ceremony is at 5pm. At 5:01pm, they let the re-enactors into the Village to set up their camps. Thus mad chaos ensues.

Chaos in the village = no model t’s allowed to drive around happily married couple for pictures.

The only thing that we’d be able to do is if we decided to take our pictures BEFORE the ceremony. I just don’t know how I feel about that. I’d like the first time we see each other be when I walk down the aisle, but I really want those pictures too.


Apparently the bridal salon where I found my dress does not do in-house alterations. It didn’t bother me when they handed over a list of people who they recommend to their brides for alterations. My mother on the other hand, is having some serious problems with it, and it’s beginning to wear off on me.

If I have to go to someone else for alterations, that means I have to cart around my dress every which way, I have to have it at my apartment all the time, I have to research in finding someone who I trust can do a fantastic over-the-moon great job.

I don’t know if I should:
1) Buy the dress from the original salon (they are giving me a wonderful discount), and then just trust in them and find someone to do the alterations in Cincinnati
2) Buy the dress from the original salon and take it to Michigan to have the alterations done (which I’d have to find someone up there that I trust
3) Buy the dress from a different salon that does have in-house alterations (but that would mean probably forfeiting my discount, and also the discount for the girls dresses)

I’ve been drama free so far in my wedding planning, and now I’ve hit a snag. What to do.