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After we tackled the invitations, the next daunting task that was at our door was doing the thank you tags that will ultimately be attached to our favors. We headed out to Michaels and Staples to buy white ribbon and card stock. 14 pages of printed labels later, we had lots and lots and lots of cutting we had to do.

About 2 hours later we had finished cutting 250 (!!!) tags out. I don’t even want to discuss how much our fingers were killing us. But they are completed, and now all we have to do is attach them with the ribbon to the favors. I’m hoping to have a nice visit from my MOH one weekend and we can tackle that together!



Our favors have been ordered – all 36 pounds of it. We ended up purchasing two cases of two different flavors. Blue raspberry and lime – the deeper blue and the lighter green that are shown above. I have no clue when we should be receiving them, typical UPS ground service, but it has yet to ship.

Once we get the candies, we’re thinking about getting thin ribbon to tie two together, plus I’m looking into making gift tags that would be hole punched and added onto the ribbon as a mini thank you note.

More on that later…

I think we finally decided on our wedding favors…I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Rock Candy!!