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Ah the rehearsal dinner. Because you have to rehearse on how to eat for the big day, right? Okay, maybe not, but at least you get great food and be surrounded by great friends and family.

We knew from the beginning that we wanted our rehearsal to be on the casual side. No invitations. No fancy restaurant. Just low key relaxation the night before the big day.

There’s a fantastic restaurant in the Detroit-metro area called Buddy’s Pizzeria that we have gone many, MANY times for family gatherings. Plus the bartender and take-out girls practically know us because we are there so many times. What can I say, whenever I came home from school or an internship it would be the first thing I just had to eat!

Great pizza, fantastic salad, and just a fantastic place to have our rehearsal dinner to take place at.


Tuesday was our menu tasting over at The Henry Ford, and it was delicious!

We met up with Donna at the Group and Event Sales office and then the three of us walked over to the library in Lovett Hall. We walked inside and sat down to a mock up table.

First up, we sampled three of the hors dourves that will be offered to our guests during cocktail hour. (Sorry, no pictures. They were consumed practically in one breath after driving nearly 5 hours) But they were delicious!

Second up, we sampled three salads: the caesar, a garden, and a candied walnut and mango salad. We both knew we were going to pick the garden, but we still devoured them.

Third, we sampled both of the chicken entrees:

Grilled Chicken with Cherries


Stuffed Chicken

I honestly thought we were going to end up picking the first one, but the stuffed chicken was just so much better! We picked our four vegetables that we would also offer on our entrees.

Now, back when I was an intern in the wedding department, they offered chocolate covered strawberries as part of the tasting, but they stopped it…

BUT, because Donna is amazing and because she knows who we are, we got them during our tasting!!

As soon as we found out we were able to get our engagement pictures done during the time we wanted to head back to Michigan, I went ahead and booked our menu tasting for our reception. We both realize that early November is in the six month mark of the wedding (too early for some), but the fact of the matter is that neither of us would be able to get time off until after New Years. And in order to order our save the dates and invitations (I need to know what we are offering our guests food wise), we need to do our tasting before the holiday craziness.

For our menu tasting we have decided to sample the following:

Hors d’oeuvres: Fresh tomato-basil bruschetta, crab cakes with lime chili mayonnaise, wild mushroom with brie in phyllo

Salad: Caesar salad, garden salad, and spinach salad

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast (with Michigan dried-cherry port wine sauce) and Stuffed chicken breast (with sun-dried tomato, spinach and boursin with roasted tomato basil coulis

We already know we want to offer our guests a beef option (filet mignon), but we want to sample both the chicken options to be able to figure out which one we want to offer. Our third choice is up in the air, it’s between a fish (salmon) or a vegetable.