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I finally started working on this project as of last night. And by starting, I mean going online and purchasing 35 bags. Want to see the awesomeness?

Oh yea, bringing out the Detroit love by giving all of our out of town guests bags to flaunt their trip to the D. I know Detroit has it’s issues, but so does every big city. It’s pulling itself out of the ashes, and the love, culture, architecture, history, and people just make it an awesome place to visit, and I plan to showcase the glory of Detroit and Michigan within these bags.

Now what goes into the bags is a whole other story – of which I’m still trying to figure out. I have a list of things that I can easily put into the bags, but I’d love to put some Michigan novelties into the bag (think Sanders fudge or oscar meyer weinermobile whistles).

Hopefully those 35 bags will be starting it’s trek to Michigan within the next week! I’ll be throwing the bags together the week of the wedding!


I realized that I never talked about the card box we ended up purchasing for our wedding reception. In the beginning I could have cared less what the card box looked like, I mean it’s sole purpose is to sit on a table to have people put cards into it. I figured I could go to Michaels or any other craft store and pick up the all too familiar card box or birdcage that hundreds of bride’s always use.

Enter my mom. Heck no we will not be using any sort of box that is easy for anyone to basically pick up and walk off with, or anything that someone could open the top and take things out of.

After some searching on the internet, and introducing my mom to the wonders of Etsy, we found someone who makes card boxes. We emailed her, and after much discussion on what we wanted it to look like and what our wedding colors were, she created our card box and it was shipped to my Grandmother’s house back in Michigan.

I don’t have an actual picture of what ours looks like exactly, but it’s something along these lines (different colored ribbon):

It’ll match perfectly with the rest of our decor and colors!

I don’t know about you, but I remember how much I hated writing out thank you notes when I was younger. Now, the occasional one or two doesn’t bother me, but writing 20+ of them, yea it can get a little daunting. I knew before the bridal shower that I would have to write a bunch out, and for the first time it didn’t bother me one bit.

Here are some tips that worked well for me:

1) At the bridal shower make sure one of your bridesmaids (or someone) writes down every single thing you get and who gave the gift.

2) When you get home either go through the list, or what I did was make a spreadsheet on my computer of the person’s name, the gift given, and the date I sent out the thank you.

3) Don’t rush through writing them, take your time. Write out a few each night and try to make them each personal. Don’t fall into the trap of just taking a generic form and filling in the blanks. Trust me, the recipient will enjoy reading it that much more.

4) Even though you don’t want to rush through them, try and get them out in a timely matter. The bridal shower was a week ago yesterday, and I am sending out my final thank you’s tomorrow. Granted three of them that I am sending out are gifts we received in the mail last week after the shower – so I think I did a pretty good job and getting them out in a timely matter.

Alrighty! So last week I had my bridal shower that was hosted by my amazing godmother at her sister’s house with her mother. Got all that? Godmother, godmother’s sister, and godmother’s mother. The awesome amazing team!

Now the theme of the shower was kitchen and spice. They had purchased different spices and used those as favors for people to take home, and they also purchased 3 larger versions for cooking items to use as the three winners of the game we played. In addition, when my godmother sent out the invites, she had asked that every person either bring with them or send her a recipe. Those recipes made it into a recipe box which now resides on our kitchen counter with a TON of family recipes that we both grew up loving.

A TON of people showed up, which was amazing, but at one point I sat there looking all across the room and told one of my friends that it was weird that I had family, friends, fiance’s family, and family friends all together. These are people that have hardly, if ever, met before, and that normally I meet these four groups on four separate occasions, yet here they all were, together.

There were a ton of gifts to open, and while I won’t bore you on what we got, I will tell you one of my favorite presents.

When I opened the card to the gift my uncle had filled it out. It had read something along the lines of them finding it in the closet when they were going through my grandmother’s belongings after she passed away last October.

I started tearing up, and opened up the gift. It was absolutely beautiful.

She had gotten us a gorgeous Waterford crystal bowl. It is breathtaking in person, and it now resides inside our china cabinet.

And of course, here’s my awesome rehearsal bouquet that one of my bridesmaids made – she did an absolute fantastic job with it!

Oh and yea, that person in the background making crazy hands – yea, that’s my godmother. She’s cool like that.

Oh, and for the record, I only broke one ribbon. For those of you who know the tradition (I totally did not) for every ribbon you break, it represents a child you will have.

Okay I kid. I don’t really live in a box, but our apartment is currently being taken over by boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and every other packaging supply out there. What does that mean?

No, we are not moving, instead I’ve become quite close with our friendly UPS drivers, because they keep bringing us goodies! That’s right, we have been receiving some of our registry gifts!!

Even though our shower is a week from today (!!!) we have been receiving gifts ever since the invitations for the shower hit the mail. The gifts have been from people who unfortunately will not be able to make it to the shower, but who hopefully will be able to attend the wedding.

We’ve received a lot of stuff for our kitchen, and it’s been great ripping into the boxes and seeing what surprise awaits us.

After every gift we open, I enter the senders name and gift given to us in an excel sheet to keep track of what we get and what date I send out a thank you note to them. Keep on top of your thank you notes, write one out right after you open a gift, even if you don’t feel like it! I know that I’m going to be swamped in writing them out once the shower is over.

And well, even though we have boxes all over the place, at least my cat is enjoying them too…