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Oh man was I not looking forward to doing this part of the wedding planning. We pretty much have a full grasp on how many people will be coming to the wedding, we’re still waiting to hear back from about 5 people, but at this point in time we’re looking at about 173-175 people that will coming to celebrate with us!!

And were are all those people going to sit? Who knows…but I’m working on it as we speak. I’ve started grouping people together that I definitely know will be sitting with each other: friends, cousins, aunts and uncles. But when it comes to people that I haven’t seen in years, or my fiance’s family, or the random neighbors, those types of groupings are going to be interesting putting together.

Our tables will seat 8 people, and I’ve actually been able to make “full tables” of eight, but there are a few groupings that are only 6 or 7 people…so I have to figure out who I can move to another table and who will be the odd people out. Ugh.


I finally started working on this project as of last night. And by starting, I mean going online and purchasing 35 bags. Want to see the awesomeness?

Oh yea, bringing out the Detroit love by giving all of our out of town guests bags to flaunt their trip to the D. I know Detroit has it’s issues, but so does every big city. It’s pulling itself out of the ashes, and the love, culture, architecture, history, and people just make it an awesome place to visit, and I plan to showcase the glory of Detroit and Michigan within these bags.

Now what goes into the bags is a whole other story – of which I’m still trying to figure out. I have a list of things that I can easily put into the bags, but I’d love to put some Michigan novelties into the bag (think Sanders fudge or oscar meyer weinermobile whistles).

Hopefully those 35 bags will be starting it’s trek to Michigan within the next week! I’ll be throwing the bags together the week of the wedding!

You may recall my first attempt at our little out of towner newsletter that I was going to put in every goodie bag that guests would receive at the hotel. Well, I decided that I didn’t really care for all that open space…one page having a huge picture of us, and another with just a thank you note…so I did a bit of revising and this is the new newsletter I came up with:

This one is completely different from the first one, because I decided to make it a trifold letter instead of just looking like a bare booklet. The front page, which is the column to the far right, still shows our picture, and has the mini thank you note below it. The other two pages has directions to both the ceremony and reception, with our contact numbers, and then gives the dates, times, and addresses to all the important events.

The reverse side shows a wider selection of the attractions, shopping areas, and I also listed a variety of different restaurants in the area while notating a few of the local favorites. Brand new to this newsletter is that I created an email address for our guests to email us pictures of the weekend. I put in a little blurb about it and included the email.

All we have left to do in regards to the out of town bags, is actually buy the bags and put the goodies in them, and print out our welcome letters!

Now I haven’t even sent out our invitations yet, but the thought of figuring out where to seat everyone is a little daunting. Of course I won’t even start that task until I figure out who all is coming, but I ran across this post from one of the blogs I like to look through.

FYI: Yes it’s a Disney wedding blog…don’t judge. I used to work there and when I was younger always dreamed about getting married there.

I’ve been utilizing my days off to get the little things started for our wedding so we can get those out of the wedding and I don’t have to think about them right before the wedding.

First up, the welcome letters that we will be putting inside the welcome bags. The bags will be given out at the hotel upon check-in to each guest room.

Using one of the templates I found in Pages (Mac version of Word for those who aren’t Apple users), I changed things around and added things in. Please excuse the random white spaces, I erased information for security purposes, but this is what I came up with:


I think it looks pretty darn good for its purpose!

After going through the guest list over and over, and over and over again, I think we have finally have our final count. I’m sure we will go through it one more time before I start addressing, but that will be to make sure all names are correctly spelled and that I have all of the children’s names too.

When we first started our planning, Kyle and I wrote down the immediate people we could think off the top of our heads that we definitely wanted to invite. That number was around 140. With the additions of our parents, and more people we each thought of, that number has slowly increased. Our final count at the present time is…drumroll…232.

Two HUNDRED and thirty-two people. 211 adults, and 19 children.

Now let’s see how many actually rsvp and attend!

At the beginning of planning our wedding I of course thought of the big main components: ceremony and reception locations, colors, the dress, the bridal party. What I didn’t think of is all the other things that you have to decide upon, like favors, where to hold the rehearsal dinner, alterations, and welcome bags for out of town guests…and probably a ton of other random things that I can’t even think of right now.

Because a lot of our guests that we are inviting are coming in from out of town, I know that I’m going to have to come up with sort of welcome gift for them if they stay at our hotel.

What in the world to put in a guest welcome basket…

There are so many different options, and I would love to do something that incorporates local things from around the Detroit metro area. Of course I plan on putting in waters and snacks, but there are a ton of different options out there that I have to shuffle through.

Well, at least I have a little less than six months to figure this out.

Slowly but surely I’ve been getting emails, calls, and texts saying that they’ve received our save the dates. Things have been mostly positive (they love the cute magnet idea and that they cannot wait), but I’ve begun to hear the negative from the fiance’s side of the family.

I guess a couple of his aunts have told his mom that they wanted to know if there was a typo on them. Wondering if in fact the wedding was supposed to be on Saturday, not on a Friday. Really? You think that we would be dumb in purchasing 120 of them not realizing we put the wrong date? Trust me, I kept double checking and triple checking to make sure everything was correct.

“Oh, well it’s a Friday, I have to work, won’t be able to make it.” Seriously? I get that. The ceremony is at 5pm, I honestly don’t care if you can’t make it to that. But the cocktail hour starts at 6:30pm, dinner is 7:30pm. I think that’ll give you more than enough time to drive the 50 minutes it takes from Toledo to Dearborn.

It’s a family member’s wedding. It’s not a recurring event. You make the time – hell, we’re giving everyone practically a 7 month heads up on the date!

Kyle has already said he’ll start calling people up and guilt tripping them into coming – and that he’s looking forward to doing that.

I knew that the whole “getting married on Friday” could be a potential risk on how many people end up coming, but then again, it’s a holiday weekend. Most everyone is already getting that Monday off for Memorial Day, why not cut work Friday and make it a 4 day weekend.

Sigh. I hope people end up coming.

When we got engaged, we each drafted up a list of family and friends that we wanted to invite to our wedding. The starting number was around 140. Over the past four months there has been several add-ons to that list. We are now looking at around 200.

We initially said that there would be between 150-200 people, so I guess we landed within that mark. We’ll see how much the list changes over the next couple of months, before I decide to cut off adding people on, and we can finally purchase our save the dates and invitations.

I know one of the cost cutting ideas for weddings is to cut the guest list. The more people you have, the more food you need, the bigger the cake, the more favors, invitations, etc. But considering we both come from big families, I for sure don’t want to leave anyone out who has been there for us throughout our lives.

Hopefully the list won’t get too outrageous. I really don’t want to go overboard with people, and I’ve been told that normally 10% won’t come anyways…but we’ll see about that.

This morning the fiance and I went out to IHOP for breakfast. As we were there talking about our plans for the rest of the day, we got onto the topic of registering and we decided to head over spontaneously after we finished eating.

We made our way over to Bed Bath & Beyond and sat down with Sean who got us all set up. He was hilarious and he walked us through everything. After filling out the paperwork, we picked out our fine dinnerware, plus fine drinkware and luggage all in the office. Once that was completed, he took us out on the floor with the much coveted scan gun.

He took the fiance through the cookware, considering he’s the one that does the cooking, I let him choose the pots and pans, knives, and then we went through and picked out the rest of the kitchen stuff and silverware. Once we got the major appliances out of the way, Sean walked us through the rest of the store telling us what to keep in mind and then let us loose.

We went back through all the kitchen stuff, picked out bedding stuff and also bathroom stuff, plus random other things in there. Unfortunately we didn’t find casual dinnerware at the store, but decided on our drive home that we’d make a pit stop at Macy’s to see what they had.

We walked through the store first off to see if there were things there that we’d even want to register for. We immediately found a casual set that we both loved, so we headed over to the registry area and signed up. Definitely was less work with the manager that set us up, and wasn’t all hospitable about everything, but once we got that beloved scanner gun, we didn’t care.

At Macy’s we focused more on the casual dinnerware, plus we got a few more kitchenware and appliances. I also scanned some vases and serving bowls, but we definitely didn’t see a lot in the store that we liked. It was a quick run through, but I foresee us going online to both stores we registered at to add and change things.