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One year ago today I said YES!

Here’s the story


Keep calm and carry on. Planning a wedding is all what you make of it. You can continuously stress over finding the “perfect shade of red/green/blue” or flipping out on how the actual wedding day is going to run.

Guess what. Things are not going to go exactly to plan. You can either freak out and stress over every little detail, OR, you can roll with the punches and just go with the flow. I’ve seen it happen with other brides on Facebook, other wedding blogs, and in real life. I feel sorry and a tinge of pain when I see brides stressed out. This is supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life – I mean, you’re planning your wedding!

Your guests, and maybe even yourself, are not going to remember what the linens look like, or what the cake looked like. Now I know I’m not married yet, and I know all the little details as of right now, but I’m not going to stress out over everything. I refuse to let all this planning grow into a crazy twisted stress ball.

Sometimes a headache is all in your head.  Relax.

No one really tells you how difficult money and budgeting can be. When you get your first job, seeing that money come into your hands is an amazing feeling and being able to spend it feels great. You start to get smarter as time progresses, and you begin to save up more and more money. Then you get to that age where you have to start paying bills, you move out and suddenly you see your account start to decrease more rapidly than ever.

Now, I still have a little bit of a nest egg with my savings account, and I have a fund that my godmother set up for me when I was born (but that I’m trying not to touch until retirement). I feel like what I’ve attempted to save up within the last 8 years of my life has not been enough. I feel like because I’m done with college, have a degree, I should have obtained a job with a wonderful salary. Granted, at least I have a full-time job, and although it’s only hourly, at least I’m getting 40 hours a week, and I have benefits.

Looking down the road, getting through planning our wedding, I’m curious to see what our finances in our lives will be once we are actually married. I have zero debt, he has student loans to pay off. I have some savings, he doesn’t have really anything. I realize that once we are married, everything becomes one. That includes money, which I think some newlywed’s don’t think about.

His debt, becomes our debt, and I will do everything in my power to help him pay those student loans off so we can have more freedom for other things. I am no longer just saving for myself, no longer am I only looking at my own personal bills; I have to get over the “Oh my god, my bank account is going to look lower than what I’m used to” feeling and learn to better manage my paychecks.

Although it definitely would be nice to find a better paying job, with better work hours…