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Last Friday the number one thing that I wanted to get done was to get our marriage license. I armed myself with both certified copies of our birth certificates and my filled out marriage license application. My maid of honor and I drove out to one of the Wayne county clerk satellite offices and pulled a number to wait.

While waiting there was a groom to be who got called up before me…he was picking up his marriage license. Oh snap…I thought that they could mail me my license. If I had wanted to pick it up day of, the only place that I knew I had to go was to the main downtown Detroit office. Shit.

My number got called and I walked up to the desk and handed my items over. Slowly I started to explain our “out of state situation” and wanted to know how we were supposed to receive our license if I couldn’t stay up in Michigan till the following business day.

Thank the lucky stars, not only did the woman help me out, and was an absolute angel, she also knew my dad when he was still working up in Michigan!! The world continuously gets smaller…

So here’s how the marriage license shindig application process works…

She took my application, birth certificates, and out of state drivers license and made three copies of each. I ended up paying an addition $5 to waive the waiting day period, and was able to receive our license right then and there. All I had to do was fill out an additional piece of paper (the actual waiver). We sat back down while the clerk typed up the forms, I had to look at everything typed up, raise my right hand and swear that everything was correct, and then they hammered a gold seal on one copy, and gave me two plain copies as well.

Then I was told with a stern voice the rules of the marriage license. The copy with the gold seal is the “keepsake” copy, the other two have to be brought or mailed in, in order for us to receive our certified copies of our license…the “keepsake” copy is not valid, it’s just a souvenir.

All three copies MUST be filled out in black pen, and I have to sign my name with the name I will have after the wedding.

Now, considering I have to be back to work after Memorial Day, and seeing how it would take 2-3 weeks to receive our certified copies, they told me that I could have someone I trusted bring the signed copies in, with the money for the certified copies, and then I could have them right then and there.

Done deal! Once I receive those valid copies, I will have to start the process of changing my name!


In addition to heading up to Michigan next week for our girls weekend, I’m taking an extra day off from work to head to the county clerk’s office to obtain our marriage license!

In the county we are getting married in back in Michigan, we cannot get our license more than 33 days before the wedding. If you do – it expires. Definitely don’t want that happening. Also, there is a 3 day waiting period from applying for the license, to when you receive it/are able to use it.

I plan on going to the clerk’s office first thing in the morning, so I don’t have to deal with lines. All I need to remember to bring is our filled out application, both our certified birth certificates, my out of state drivers license and cash to pay for the license.

I’m hoping I can get the license this month, so I don’t have to worry about picking it up the week of the wedding and then something going wrong and we are really short on time.