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After we finished getting our hair done at the salon, we piled back into our separate cars and drove back to the hotel. Our makeup artist was due to arrive around 11am, so we turned on the tv around started watching The Price is Right until we heard a knock on the door.

Our makeup girl arrived and immediately got to work on one of my mom’s closest friends first, followed by my mom, then one of my bridesmaids, and then finally me. They like to put the bride in the middle of everyone for whatever reason.

I hopped up to sit on the table and she got to work following the instructions she had written down from my trial back in March.

After the rest of the girls got finished with their makeup, we all decided that we wanted some shimmer on ourselves, so we all stripped down our tops, and were dusted with shimmer.

Now that we were all prettied up, the girls went back down to their room to get changed, and I hopped back into my trusty chair to watch more tv and waited until our photographer showed up.


We got back to Kentucky yesterday afternoon and crawled into bed around 8:00pm. Go us! We are just utterly exhausted after all of last week’s festivities. My husband (!!!) has to work today, but I have it off, and will be resting up in prep of going back to work tomorrow.

Once I find some energy to sit down and write about everything that happened, I will. But for now, all I want to do is lounge around and relax, and do the mounds of laundry from the past week. We also need to start our thank you card’s, which I know will be an adventure in it’s own.

But for now I will leave you with a picture:

Ever since I knew anything about how wedding work, I knew that the first time the bride and groom saw each other was the moment when the bride started walking down the aisle towards her husband to be. It’s definitely a special moment.

I’m not quite sure when this whole “first look” started. If you’re not aware of what it is, basically the groom and bride meet with the photographer sometime before the ceremony to have more pictures done. Normally the groom stands with his back towards the bride while the bride walks up behind to surprise him. The photographer is there to capture the emotions.

I honestly did think about a first look, more so so that we would be able to get in pictures after the ceremony and before the reception. But when I brought this up with my fiance, he flat out said no. His reasoning? He really wanted the first time seeing me being when I was walking down the aisle towards him. Aaaww, melted my heart. Who knew a guy would have such a strong feeling about it.

My fiance and I don’t have many pictures of ourselves together. We definitely have a lot of pictures that we have taken of each other, but when it comes to pictures of us as a couple, we fall short. Just kinda happened that way I guess, neither of us are much camera people, and if I do have my camera, I’m always “in the moment” and don’t bother grabbing out my camera to fool around in trying to get a good picture.

Well over the past year we have gathered up a good number of pictures that have the two of us in them. Thanks to parents, friendly tourists when we go on vacation, and through random other ways.

When our engagement pictures came in, of course I wanted to get actual pictures printed. We have so many that are on my computer or on Facebook, but none that are in frames. So once our proofs came in, we ended up buying two 5×7, and four 4×6 pictures.

Today I went to Target and ended up buying five frames…I didn’t go to Target to buy the frames to begin with, but then I saw the aisle and figured I should get some…and I couldn’t for the life of me remember how many pictures we ended up purchasing. Alas, I ended one frame short, so another trip to Target will be in order to get that one last frame.

I put the pictures into their respective frames and they are now on display on our buffet table. Sorry for the horrible picture, I took it with my Mac, and the reflection with the frames and camera flash…but you get the idea.

I think I’ve rearranged the pictures about five times already, and they’ll probably move more, but for now there they are!

I just received an email with a link to our online gallery! They look amazing, and Heather did such a fantastic job with them! Here are a couple of my favorites:

And the following picture pretty much sums us up…

…one trying to be serious, while the other is making goofy faces.

I swear there is a handful of our pictures that have him making some random hilarious face, but I love it!

As I mentioned in a previous post about the drama over Civil War Remembrance weekend, well I heard back from Donna today…

On the day of the wedding, she will be taking Kyle, myself, and our photographer through the employee entrance out into Greenfield Village to take pictures through the Liberty Craftworks area and also down Main Street!!

It’s no model t ride, but heck, all I really wanted was some great pictures out in the Village area. She is a goddess!!

This past Wednesday we had our engagement pictures done by the wonderful Heather Saunders. We drove out to Royal Oak to her little business studio to finally meet her. After months of back and forth emailing and talking on the phone, it was so great to meet her in person!

We ended up driving over to this little park area right near her studio and took a ton of pictures, walked around a bit and took more in random little areas.

It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it was going to be – and for that I’m grateful for. There were a few moments where she would instruct us where to look and what to do with our bodies, but other than that it was natural.

I have no idea how many pictures she ended up taking, but she said we should be able to look at the proofs sometime before Christmas. She’s slammed right now trying to get gallery sets done for her past couple of weddings. No rush – we have 7 months before the wedding.

Since our engagement pictures will be taken one month from today, the search for the perfect outfits begin. I don’t want to go overboard by any means, and I don’t think of myself as a fashion forward kind of person. I want us both look comfortable and like ourselves in our pictures.

We haven’t talked details with our photographer on where exactly we are taking our pictures, I think it’ll be decided the week before considering it’ll be November and in Michigan, but I am preparing two different outfits. One will be more casual (jeans and a sweater), the other more dressed up (maybe a dress with leggings or thick tights). My only concern is that if we are outside I do not want to freeze, and I don’t want to look like I’m blue in our pictures.

This is when a personal stylist would come in handy…

We are booked with the fabulous Heather Saunders to finally have our engagement pictures taken during the first week of November. We’re bouncing between having a nature or architecture implemented into our portrait session, and Heather said she’d think about some places that have a bit of both. Hopefully during that time the weather cooperates with us!

The two of us are definitely not camera lovers, so it’ll be interesting to see how this goes. I see it as a test run on how to be prepared for our wedding day.

Oh, and I’m a HUGE eye blinker when it comes to flashes…it’ll make it interesting…