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One year ago today I said YES!

Here’s the story


Three years ago Kyle and I started dating.

Happy Anniversary to my love!

Where to even begin…

:::What I knew:::
Kyle and I were at Disney this past week for a mini vacation. We talked about going to Disney World last December, and when we booked it, it fell during our “2.5 year anniversary.”

Wednesday, April 28th Kyle and I were at the Magic Kingdom to watch the Wishes Fireworks at 9pm. Before the show began, Kyle had to go and use the bathroom, and upon him returning he said he stumbled upon this little area that looked like a good photo location to take some good pictures. So we decided to go over there after the fireworks finished up.

The fireworks finish up and we walk over to the rose garden. I head down the path a little bit and take a picture of the castle on my phone. I hear this “sweetie, turn around,” so I did…

…and there he is, down on one knee with a ring in a box.

Cue the uncontrollable crying. I was in absolute shock! I am standing there crying, nodding my head YES, cannot stop saying “are you serious? oh my god, are you serious?!”

…all of a sudden I hear this, “other haaaalf,” and I turn to my right and there is Stacey!! One of my greatest friends that I met during my first Disney College Program…and there she is with a video camera in her hand!!

She was supposed to be in Reno, Nevada! I kept sending her picture messages of Disney, with responses saying she was all jealous, when in fact she had been in Florida the ENTIRE time.

So I finally calmed myself down after 2 minutes of “OMG what is happening” and finally said YES!

:::What I didn’t know:::

Kyle started planning this entire engagement vacation since last November.
Stacey has been in on the entire scheme since last December.
And they never met each other till the day I got engaged!
They plotted the entire thing behind my back for FOUR months!!

But it was all so very very worth it.


whole story and vacation recap to follow.